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Friday, November 27, 2009

Am I Not Human: Conflict Minerals

While some of us are aware of Western culture's hand in stripping the Congo's coltan for use in our wireless devices, a large host of others have no clue that the majority of resources Western culture depends upon have been stolen, and/or barely paid any of their worth as they're taken from the dark continent. So it lights my heart to see the mainstream attention 60 minutes is giving the issue of conflict minerals this Sunday.
The more we become aware of how we come by our luxuries, the sooner we can take action to ensure their is no theft and horror attached to them at the root of acquisition, moving forward. While many are celebrating a holiday that was founded on the genocide of Indigenous Americans (in our home, as a matter of conscience, we had to flip it, make it vegan, and global-culture celebrating for a week rather than focus on the designated day or it's rituals), the majority of the world is paying in blood for yet more frivolity by the privileged few who even in uncomfortable financial times are truly more privileged than imagined.

Be thankful for the information age, and the lightning fast speed of the truth. It will set us all free, eventually.

View the bill seeking to improve transparency and reduce the trade of conflict minerals H.R.4128

Click to read the information page Enough project has put together.

On behalf of our human siblings in the Congo who have been robbed, made to engage in life-threatening labor, and suffer Western-culture orchestrated internal-war horrors I ask:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

From Reed What Matters: Am I Not Human? 10/27 Homeless AntiCamping Ordinances

note: Please take a moment to read this repost from Reed what matters, about Sacramento's Anti-Camping Ordinances, and the people addressing it. Thankyou for raising our awareness Jennifer.

Am I Not Human?: Homelessness & Sacramento’s Anti-Camping Ordinances

Post image of Am I Not Human?: Homelessness & Sacramento’s Anti-Camping Ordinances
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It’s been cold out, real cold. I lay in my bed last night with the chills because my husband was hogging the covers. Don’t I have nerve? I could have turned on the heater, or grabbed another blanket easily! What if I didn’t have the luxury of shelter, a heater, extra blankets like many families who are searching for a place just to rest as the shelters fill up!

In recent news, mentioned Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson spoke publicly about the the city, county and federal government approving funds for Sacramento to “create 269 shelter beds.” That is great, but what is the city going to do about the many families that will still need shelter.

SafeGround Sacramento has a temporary solution and Mayor Kevin Johnson hears their voices. SafeGround Sacramento “called for a moratorium on enforcement of the city’s anti-camping ordinance.” As it stands today our homeless community is awoken when found sleeping on the streets to move or can be sited with a ticket for illegal camping. Imagine that, no place to sleep and you wake up to a ticket you can’t afford all because you have no where else to sleep. SafeGroundSacramento aims to help those who can’t just rest. Johnson hears their voices states he has “said he will have more to say next month about a permanent camping site for the homeless.”

Please reach out to SafeGround Sacramento and learn more about what their mission is by visiting their website (click here). You can see their flight on video by award-winning film maker, Costa Mantis as well by clicking here.

Note: Roots of HumanityOn the 27thof each month a group of bloggers post on the subject of human rights. The Am I Not Human Campaign was designed to help bring awareness to social issues that you can help to work on solving.”

Thank you Roots for Humanity for calling for such an action! We all should take a stand and let our voices be heard!

My friends if you have a topic you like me to take a stand on with you or if you would like to give honorary mention to someone who is making a difference in a future post please comment below or use our contact us form.

If you enjoyed this post you can read other related post below and you could subscribe to our updates by clicking here. Thank you!

Related Intel:

Please visit the page beyond the yellow button in the sidebar and scroll down to the latest updated links to visit the posts of all of the participators. Ms Lady Deborah for instance introduced information about the Global Writeathon on Dec 10 hosted by Amnesty International. Other posts focus on World Hunger, Homelessness and Eradicating Police Taser Torture.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Am I Not Human: Taser Justice

The Blogging day on December 4 demanding Taser Justice is timely, and direly needed. The first day of blogging event opened alot of eyes, but there are more minds that need to be aware of the serious lows taser abuses plummet to on what appears to be a regular basis.
The amounts of murders by taser over the past few years and this year alone is astounding. Calls for congressional hearings have been made in the Afrosphere, and we're still waiting. Can we trust officers to stand for justice or is the overwhelming majority of law enforcement intent on killing with unnecessary deadly force? Aren't officers subjected to Mental Health screenings before they're given positions? And if yes, how is it possible so many have taken blood-thirsty action against innocent citizens?

Make sure your demands for justice are heard?
There are a few actions we can currently take. Please visit the information beyond the links to see which you're able to lend energy to:

Sign the petition demanding a congressional investigation into Taser Torture

Join the March for Dignity (to protest the non-punishment decision of Police renegade Stephanie Phillips who murdered Michael Jacobs. A march for 10,000 people is being called and organized.

Join the December 4th Day of Blogging for Taser Justice.

On behalf of the victims of taser torture who cannot ask on their own because they have been murdered, we ask:

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brown Eyed View: Am I Not Human


Roots of Humanity thanks Ms Lady Deborah of Brown Eyed View for this incredible post focusing on Children's rights and needs. Thankyou for allowing us to repost this on the main blog.
Please also visit Villager who posted a link about Seeking justice for the war crimes in the Gaza conflict and sign the petition.

On the 27th of each month a group of bloggers post on the subject of human rights. The Am I Not Human Campaign was designed to help bring awareness to social issues that you can help to work on solving.

MBEV focuses on human rights issues that involve children. This month I would like to draw your attention to two different children's rights issues.


The International Rescue Committee is working to improve the lives of children and their families. IRC is currently sponsoring a petition to urge President Obama to sign the UN Convention on The Right of the Child.

Can you imagine being 60 feet underground? Working to sift rocks for gold instead of attending school or having the opportunity to play with your friends? In America we have laws that protect children from being exploited. The child featured in the video is 10 years old. There are other children just like her all over the world. Children who need the help and support of the international community to improve their lives.
Please stand up for this child-and others like her.
Sign the IRC petition asking President Obama and the Senate to protect children around the world.Over nearly 20 years, 193 nations have stood up one by one to declare their commitment to protecting children by ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Convention protects children by defining their basic human rights: the right to live free from violence, protected from exploitation, the right to learn and the right to live a healthy life.

The Convention ensures nations support all actions and policies in the best interests of children.

Only 2 countries have yet to show their support by ratifying the Convention—Somalia and the United States.

This cannot continue.Please sign the petition now so that children no longer pay the price for the United States' delay. (link to the petition)

Homeless Children In America
The second issue that I want to bring to your attention today is Homeless Children in America. It is an issue that we cannot ignore. The impact that it has on the lives of our youngest citizens. I work with children who have been homeless. Every day I see what that situation has already done to their psyche. They are often very insecure and very angry with everyone. When I consider that they are only 3, 4 and 5 years old-it hurts me to my heart.

There is an organization that works on the issue of homeless children in America. The National Center to End Family Homelessness. I am asking that you visit their website and take the time to learn what is going on in your home state around the issue of child homelessness. Take the time to consider what you can do to help families secure adequate and permanent shelter.

Homeless children in America have a youthful advocate who is donating her time and talent to help raise awareness and funds for their cause. Check out entertainment sensation Jamia as she talks about why she is working on behalf of homeless children.

You can link here to hear the finished production of Jamia's song, "Take The Time".

Please visit the Am I Not Human? Campaign blog. You can learn about other human rights issues. There is also information available on how you can participate in this effort to inform and advocate on the different Human Rights issues around the world.<

Am I Not Human: Finding New Ways To Make A Difference


3 points struck me deeply, and somewhere inside of myself the night I finished watching it, I committed to finding a way to do more to support our human siblings in re-developing countries struggling to survive, through different methods. Lots of ideas passed through my mind. I thought maybe a 'PeacefulPens collective' could somehow connect with folks providing relief in refugee camps so we could put a face to some of the people suffering and write their stories. Not sure if that was the exact idea, I turned the idea around in my mind thinking maybe it should be a 'HappyEndings' children's story collective that would feature children from the refugee camps in Darfur and other areas in the world, with the proceeds going completely to funding [healthy] education and survival needs, but I want to begin something I'm sure I can finish surely and thoroughly, and am unsure I could handle writings hundreds, or thousands of short stories in a small space of time without assistance, as it can be hard (especially during difficult financial times like these) to find folks willing to offer their assistance with no promise of profit. Enough working pens would be necessary and no child refugee's story should be left out of such a venture.

So for now I've decided that I can have a trusted non-profit collect monies accrued from 2 forthcoming fantasy anthologies and have them donated in full to ensure healthy education, and survival needs are supported for survivors living in refugee camps, looking to start their life anew, with security, and hope.

Have you been giving thought to what you can do that might go beyond petition-signing, and days of blogging (both good and powerful things, but for those who can do more the need is certainly there)?

On behalf of all of my human siblings barred from communication, or denied the technology to express what they've been enduring at the hand of greedmongering and unimaginable inhumanity, I ask:
Click for more information.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

3 Points

Peace. Protection. Punishment.

Our voices and ingenuity are still needed. How can we get the attention of politicians that will make a positive difference in the struggle Darfurees and Chadians have faced at the hands of the Janjaweed and the Governing of Omar Bashir that empowers them?

Are you a solid indie game designer? Can you create a game that will attract interest in masses of Americans and other national citizens to take action? Can you write a song that makes a difference, and donate the sales to aid refugees in need? Would you rather write a children's story, or dedicate a collection of art to supporting aid, protection, and education efforts for Darfuri's and Chadians? Will you design greetings cards that remind loved ones that they have the power to save lives in areas where the voices of the people have been assaulted? Maybe you love to bake, and can organize a bake sale and create a special Peace cookie. There are many ideas that will remind your local news, national, and international news that we haven't forgotten what happened in Rwanda, and know what is happening in Darfur, Chad, The Congo, Uganda, and Somalia for that matter. We know we have to make our concern known.

Our job is to raise awareness, write letters to our local representatives, to our President, to make our desire heard. Omar Bashir and those complicit in the inhuman atrocities that have targeted the innocent [likely over the oil in Darfur] must be brought before the International Criminal Court. It is essential to the safety of Darfuri's and Chadians, as well as the rest of the world. If crimes against humanity such as those exacted upon the innocents of Darfur and Bordering Chad are allowed to continue without punishment, these kinds of crimes can easily spread throughout the rest of the world and become seen as commonplace. We have the power to do something now.

What are you going to to do?
I'm over here brainstorming a master-plan for something I can do from my level of creativity, but for right now I can write letters to the government, and keep writing them, at least.

Eventually the government will have to start listening to what the people truly ask for, rather than invade lands criminally themselves. There's alot of clean-up to do and it starts with us.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Am I Not Human: Rape Assaults Both Genders In The Congo

The tools of war escape the imagining of the average American citizen, but it's a very real threat for our human siblings in many areas of the world, where communities of innocents are under siege as their land is ravaged by militias that are funded by Western, and other Imperialist powers for their resources.

In addition to murdering, and separating people from their families, rape has become an inhumanly frequent matter of international news. In the Congo in particular, an area rich in the Coltan our wireless devices are dependent upon, women have known the threat of rapists bearing arms [with the Eastern Congo considered by the UN the rape capital of the world], but until recently men have either remained quiet about their experiences being raped by other men, or the phenomena has only recently become a reality for them in recent months, with what some consider hundreds of recent cases.

Though I had heard of this in passing, [I haven't spent a tremendous amount of time on the net over this particular Summer season] a recent Kameelahwrites blog post focusing on this crime's new, or newly-revealed face alerted me of the need to be a part of spreading this message, because without knowledge of the horrors our human siblings are experiencing in other parts of the world, we're in danger of fooling ourselves into thinking these issues aren't relevant, or even there. We're in danger of feeling these evils can't touch us, though they are touching our sisters and brothers in ways nothing should ever touch an individual or community.

What is most troubling to me about these evils is the underhanded networking that pulls the strings of these militias, and the way these militias [in alot of cases from the use of drugs- often for child soldiers] are able to distance themselves from their own people and rain unjust horrors down upon them.
It is certain the evils that have plagued Rwanda, The Uganda, The Congo and Darfur, to name only a few, are not in the true control of roaming militias.
The "intelligence" goes far deeper than that, into the direct pockets of those benefiting from the accumulation of resources gathered after the depopulation of the lands that are targeted. It's not a new tactic, and this is what is most upsetting. When and indeed what measure can we take as universal citizens to ensure safety, and basic resources be available to everyone? How do we disconnect the many heads of the greed-feeding network that ravages the human family with soulless regard, and exact strategy?

At present, I say we continue to spread the word. Bring it up at mealtime. Ignore the vibes others may give that it's somehow 'a drag'. Appeal to the selfishness in the community by raising the simple point that these kinds of crimes will eventually be able to strike anywhere. Without strong moves made by the ICC at least, to punish war criminals, who will care if evils that have become all too familiar to lands we may consider far away from us now, come to ours in full-bloom?

We can't afford, for the sake of humanity itself, or for our own personal lives, to pretend we're powerless. That kind of passive response to greed-mongering savagery has only empowered it. I say we at least have to be willing to speak on behalf of those suffering, and share what we can [within reason of course, as we're all struggling to survive] to aid those being stolen from and treated as less than human, or animal for that matter.

On behalf of our human siblings in the Congo [and everywhere else humanity is assaulted by inhumanity] we ask:

Monday, July 27, 2009

Am I Not Human: The Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan Request Protection For Sudanese Civilians

The Lost boys and girls are children orphaned in the second Sudanese war that erupted between the North and South in '83. By '87 over 30,000 young children were forced from their homes in Southern Sudan during a viciously long civil war, as Northern forces destroyed their villages and murdered their parents.

A trek began for them that covered the area from the Southern Sudan to refugee camps in Ethiopia (and Kenya after the fall of the Ethiopian government). 11,000 survived the trek, with 5,000 registered now as refugees across the US.

Thanking President Obama for arranging an envoy to be present during the handing down of the Abyei Arbitration Tribunal in the Hague's ruling on the oil-related boundaries contested by North and South Sudan, and for renewing support of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the National Network for the Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan sent a recent letter of appreciation. In this letter they were also clear in their request that a fully implemented CPA be ensured, so civilians would be protected.

For some time Darfurians, for instance have struggled with a smaller-number-than promised peacekeeping force, and obstacles to receiving proper Aid. It is certain that US promises must be kept, as all the delays that could be afforded have by now been exhausted.

It's clear there are many delicate layers to the conflicts in Sudan, with strong emphasis on Darfur, but it's important we keep ourselves informed as world citizens and lend our support by writing letters to the US government, blogging to raise awareness, supporting Aid organizations and the like. What is happening in the Sudan, most notably in Darfur in recent years, will not be forgotten, and promises made by our government need to be kept, just as the International Criminal Court needs to bring the persecutors of Darfurians to extreme justice.

You can take action for our siblings in the Sudan through the links below. Online it takes little time to make a difference.

On behalf of our siblings in the Sudan we ask:

You can take action here:
note: Please share any links to actions you know of that we can take to eradicate genocide at the root.

Call for divestment
(A major action that impacted the abolishing of Apartheid can be successful in stomping out genocide in Darfur and anywhere else it raises its head)

Lost Boys of Sudan- Take Action

10 ways to stop genocide in Darfur

If you enjoy Roots for Humanity and would like to blog about Human roghts during campaigns and also to share news you find, contact us at rootsofhumanity at

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Am I Not Human: Stand For Troy Davis

How is it possible that in a country that claims to fight for freedom and justice, a man that is likely innocent [after 7 out of 9 witnesses recanted their testimonies against him advising they were coerced by police to testify a certain way] sits on death row after rejected appeals to be seen in court to have new evidence looked over? And why would the state of Georgia refuse to allow the press to see him, though it is his right? It is a twisted rejection of justice that must be undone. I believe with enough of a spotlight upon the State of Georgia, the pressure will bring about the only satisfactory change- a true reexamining of Troy Davis' case and his subsequent and inevitable release.

The NAACP has joined this fight, launching an website to collect petition signatures and raise public awareness of his case, alongside Amnesty International who have been fighting for Troy for sometime now. Please take time to familiarize yourself with this case if you haven't already and add your voice to the growing number of voices demanding justice for Troy Davis and others like him who do not belong behind bars for a crime they did not commit.

On behalf of Troy Davis we ask:

We hope to see Troy speaking with the press very soon about his pardon, and release from an 18 yr. imprisonment that was exacted against him without any physical evidence, and with the testimonies of witnesses who recanted in large when they were no longer under the pressure of renegade officers forcing them to make untrue statements against him. It seems to me there are fraudulent law enforcers on several levels that should be locked away for their criminal behavior against the innocent. Hopefully when this is cleared up, they will be made to atone for their crimes.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Help Prevent Child Marriage

Children as young as eight years of age have been forced into marriage too many times to count. They are more susceptible to being victims of domestic violence, and we can't forget that childbearing when too performed at too young an age actually causes death more often in youth than it does for a women of a more appropriate age (from 20 yrs and older).

The voices of the youth have too often been ignored until unspeakable acts can no longer remain in the dark. It doesn't have to go that far. Concerned adults can stand for the rights of children now. We can make enough noise to make a difference.

Click the image to take action to prevent Child marriage.

If you're interested in blogging for human rights on Roots of Humanity contact: RootsofHumanity at

Shine your light.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Am I Not Human: Human Trafficking

The silent, vicious underbelly of world society has supported the slave trade of women, and children for the purposes of forced prostitution and unpaid labor to and unforgivable degree of depravity and length of time, but it's voice has been largely ignored by a media that would rather give coverage to under-garment revealing mishaps of famous personalities, and propaganda designed to generate political support for various profit-generating efforts and/or smear campaigns aimed at political parties that completely distract and direct mass attention away from important issues impacting our world.

While we enjoy the fruits of our labors -- though admittedly many of us struggle to enjoy even that, there are voiceless people who have been reduced to slaves, hidden by a corrupt secret market that exploits the innocence of those who have found themselves alone and vulnerable, or who have even been sold to it by their own families.

Fortunately there are voices who refuse to be silenced, and share vital information with the masses who think for themselves and seek news that informs rather than brainwashes, or dumbs down the intellect.

A film documentary entitled 'Call and Response' has been created to bring to light the devastating effects of the evils in this hidden slavery system that has found itself widespread from the West to the East. Created by a musician who happened upon the horrors of sexual slavery during a celebratory weekend, this film is intended to wake us up to the realities that very real, very innocent children and individuals in general are facing in society --even in the 'Free World'.

The trailer for the film certainly may be shocking for some. Please watch this before deciding whether or not to share this footage with the youth in your home.

We hope you'll spread the word about this film, join the mailing lists of sites that focus on undoing this harmful system so you can participate in action alerts, and pray/meditate for a world that holds precious: 'the right to exist' peacefully.

On behalf of the children and individuals subjected to Modern Day Slavery we ask:

Here are some sites you can visit to be place on mailing lists, and inform yourself about actions you can take to help undo this epidemic:

Related intel:

PA court champions children by upholding that viewing child pornography is illegal.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Am I Not Human: Police Brutality Am I Not Human

It bears repeating, as the the number of police brutality incidents seems to be rising. Unchecked, one has to wonder how far police brutality will go? How safe are we as civilians? As a child I was always directed to wave to officers, and feel safe with them in the community. I'm aware there are plenty of good officers who are dedicated to protecting and serving the community, but what of the renegades who endanger innocent civilians through various forms of bullying that on too many occasions have resulted in severe injury and death?

The recent Day of blogging for justice focused on putting a stop to pre-trial electrocution, and measures are being taken by the NAACP to see that police brutality is taken seriously. It lends hope that through the raising of our voices, awareness, and the insistence of our actions we can ensure our communities are served by those who are able to restrain individuals when necessary, without the danger of death becoming a factor, due to negligence or plain malice.

Please raise your voice in this stand for the safety of our communities. Blog your views. Share links to blogs focusing on raising awareness about police brutality. Spread the word persistently.

Was Oscar Grant not human? Was the 16 year male tasered to death recently after a routine traffic stop not human? Was the elderly wheelchair bound woman tased to death (10 times) not human?

There must be a stronger regard for human life, and a respect for the force continuum put in place to ensure tasers are used by law enforcement correctly and safely. Severe consequences need to be a factor put in place to dissuade renegade behavior, and ensure safety for innocent civilians.

Please sign this petition requesting Congressional investigation into brutal police-inflicted Taser torture:

Thankyou to everyone participating in the Am I Not Human campaign. Your voices are appreciated. I applaud you stand.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The NAACP is investigating Excessive use of tasers by police

According to Electronic Village:

"The NAACP Frederick County Branch is seeking information and testimony from people about alleged excessive use of Tasers by police. NAACP has been looking into the use of tasers after the death of Jarrel Gray in November 2007 by Frederick County Sheriff’s Office deputy Corp. Rudy Torres."

Thought to be involved in an altercation that included at least 4 or 5 people, in a parking lot in the Gresham Court East housing complex on November 18, 2007, Jarrel Gray, a hearing impaired man was shocked twice by taser and killed.
The supposed justification for this is connected to Officer Rudy Torres' order to four people to show their hands. When Jarrel Gray did not respond by showing his hands he was tasered.
Jarrel was intoxicated, a fact backed up by witness testimonies, but this does not negate the fact that the officers were warned that Jarrel was far too incapacitated to do well with direction. After the first taser shock, there was no sign of movement from Gray, but he was tasered again for no apparent reason 23 seconds later. Gray's hands were beneath him during this time. Officers claimed they thought Gray had 'passed out', but officers didn't check his pulse after attacking him with the taser. His pulse was only checked when emergency personnel arrived on the scene and discovered Gray had gone into cardiac arrest. They proceeded to do CPR on him to no avail, as he died 3 hours later. The cause of death was determined to be a combination of the method of restraint chosen by police on the scene, alchohol intoxication, and Gray's anatomical makeup.

Officer Torres was somehow cleared of wrongdoing, but it won't stand. An innocent life has again been taken by an officer who took an oath to protect and serve. That cannot be discounted. An oath and duty of that magnitude are not made of hollow words. They have to mean something. Gray's family filed a $145 million federal lawsuit against Frederick County, and rightly so.

Is it necessary to taser someone who isn't posing a threat? No. It isn't. Why wasn't Mr. Gray simply handcuffed and brought to the station? Why was electrocution necessary in this situation. I truly do not see a cause for the taser to have been pulled out at all, in this instance.

What of the rules associated with Force continuum?

Officers that act as renegades and do not follow the rules create a major problem in society, to put it mildly. I'm relieved the NAACP is finally taking action. Many, many innocent lives have been taken by renegade officers. It's long been time to find a solution to this dilemma, as it absolutely cannot go on. It is a problem that has plagued the United States and countries abroad.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tasing Violations of Human Rights

Amnesty International, USA
5 Penn Plaza
New York, NY 10001
(212) 633-4160

RE: Tasing Violations of Human Rights

Dear Sara Bennett:

Please convey to our friends at Amnesty International that on Friday, April 24, the AfroSpear will declare this, “A Day of Blogging for Justice - Standing up against the pre-trial electrocution”, internationally.

It coincide the latest taser death of Michael Jacobs, a mentally ill black man, in my home town of Fort Worth, Texas.

We have a strong local base of support. On today, I had a chance to meet with the Fort Worth Chief of Police Jeffrey Halstead, and community activists representing the African-American community and the family.

We have waged a battle against Taser International, Inc., which started out an unregulated weapons manufacturer. Finally, after the rising sales of taser weapons and rising number of casualties, and numerous court defenses against lawsuits, Taser International finally conceded to issue some Product Warnings.

The warnings are adequate enough to immunize the company against wrongful death liabilities. If police departments around the country use the weapon, as it was designed to be used, in theory, there should be no fatalities.

There has been video footage upon footage of taser abuse and death. The AfroSpear has documented the history in the movement to stop the use and abuse of tasers, and the recordings of actual deaths, where subjects were tasered repeatedly until they expired.

The taser death of Michael Jacobs fit the profile of “Sudden In-Custody Death Syndrome”, one of the product label warnings. Because Jacobs’ mental illness, he was more susceptible to dying after a taser shot and retrained.

Signs of Sudden In-Custody Death Syndrome include: extreme agitation, bizarre behavior, inappropriate nudity, imperviousness to pain, paranoia, exhaustive exertion, “superhuman” strength, hallucinations, sweating profusely, etc.

The Product Warning label includes, among other things:

Sudden In-Custody Death Syndrome Awareness. If a subject is exhibiting signs or behaviors that are associated with Sudden In-Custody Death Syndrome, consider combining use of a TASER device with immediate physical restraint techniques and medical assistance. Signs of Sudden In-Custody Death Syndrome include: extreme agitation, bizarre behavior, inappropriate nudity, imperviousness to pain, paranoia, exhaustive exertion, “superhuman” strength, hallucinations, sweating profusely, etc.

Muscle Contraction-Related Risks. The TASER device can cause strong muscle contractions that may result in physical exertion or athletic-type injuries. In certain instances this may be serious for some people, such as those with pre-existing conditions and/or special susceptibilities. This may also occur in instances Sudden in-custody death results from a complex set of physiological and psychological conditions characterized by irrational behavior, extreme exertion, and potentially fatal changes in blood chemistry.

The description of Michael Jacobs’ death is classic to the definition above of Sudden In-Custody Death Syndrome.

Product Safety should be an integral part of every police department’s policy on training and deployment of tasers. And when the product safety instructions are ignored, who is liable? And when training is inadequate, who bears the responsibility of a wrongful death?

In the case above, the liability stops at the City of Fort Worth. For wrongful death, they must pay, and pay dearly. Of course, the City holds the Chief of Police responsible, and so does the community.

We are watching and we are blogging.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Prison Reform Becoming A Reality

Senator John Webb from Virginia has proposed a new law that examines our prison system with sweeping reforms. He will need our help to ensure the reforms actually take place. Would you take a moment to thank him for making this bold and necessary move? There is a quick auto-form you can use through Color of Change.

Click here to participate:

Mumia Speaks With Democracy Now

Mumia speaks with Democracy now about the denial of his appeal, and his book focusing on Jailhouse Lawyers.

Thankyou Liberator Magazine for the intel.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Genocide Prevention Months begins today. Your voice is powerful.

Ask your local library to display books about Genocide.

Watch The Last Survivor.

Spread the word through blogs, conversations, twitter, and art.

Donate to aid groups alleviating suffering in lands plagued by genocide.

Join the Am I Not Human campaign on the 27th of every month with your own form of positive activism (blogging, art, meditation/prayer, etc)

Thankyou for caring and taking action no matter the size of the action.

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The Chemical Holocaust Against A Generation of Children

The field of psychiatry has changed childhood into a disease in the last 30 or so years with various labels, one becoming especially 'prevalent' amongst youth; ADHD. Addressing this dilemma, that only seems to plague children in the West for some odd reason, Dr. Fred Baughman has written a book that outlines what has actually happened and why we need to be very careful who's 'medical' opinions we expose our children to.

Natural news' Mike Adams, the Heath Ranger, writes:

Dear readers,

In the last 30 years, the field of psychiatry has transformed childhood into a disease through the label of ADHD. That's exactly what Dr. Fred Baughman, a pediatric neurologist and fellow of the American Association of Neurologists explores in this downloadable interview from Truth Publishing.

Dr. Baughman is one of the few neurological experts that is willing come forward with the truth about ADHD and the mass drugging of America's children. Have you ever wondered why other countries don't have this explosion of mental illness in their kids? Have you ever wondered why people in your parent's generation didn't have these problems? The answers are all right here in this interview.

Plus, Dr. Baughman shares his latest book on the subject, and a DVD warning to parents about the latest epidemic of childhood diagnosis, who is profiting from it, and how the label could hurt their child for life -- not to mention the risk of heart attack, stroke, drug abuse and all the other side effects that children on ADHD drugs experience.

Read all this and more in "Live with Dr. Fred Baughman," available for downloading now at:

Dr. Baughman shares startling facts such as:

  • What group wants four out of every ten children diagnosed as ADHD
  • How brain "disorders" lack an objective standard
  • Why an ADHD-labeled child will have trouble getting healthcare coverage, getting a job, or getting into the military
  • How diseases are created by a "show of hands"
  • How parents, teachers and school districts are getting paid for ADHD diagnoses
  • How many psychiatric experts are owned by the pharmaceutical industry
  • The law the Bush Administration put into action that will REQUIRE your child to be screened for ADHD
  • Adult ADHD "recruiting" centers where 80 percent are diagnosed as ADHD
  • How the FDA lobbied another country to keep dangerous ADHD drugs on the market after fatalities occured
  • Why your grandparents were never diagnosed with ADHD
  • What percentage of kids walk out of their first psychiatric visit with an ADHD diagnosis
  • How taxpayers foot the bill for every ADHD diagnosis

You'll want to pass this information on to everyone you know with children or grandchildren, so they don't become just another vehicle of profit for the drug industry. The risks are just too great, and too many parents and children have suffered already.

Download "Live with Dr. Fred Baughman" right now and read it for yourself:

Friday, March 27, 2009

Am I Not Human: Darfur

With aid groups barred from the Sudan, raising awareness is more crucial than ever.

Please add your signature to the many petitions calling for the President to end the genocide in Darfur. Here is one you can sign now

On behalf of the people of Darfur who are barred from communication, as well as lacking access to their technology, we ask:

Projects that have been active in aiding Darfuri refugees, that
can still use your help:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thriving Newspapers Are Grassrooted

(PSFK) Though pundits everywhere are touting the death of the newspapers everywhere, it surprised us to learn that some are actually thriving, we just might not recognize their names. Despite often being left out of the conversation, many of the country’s ethnic publications continue to buck the industry trend. One in particular, El Diario La Prensa, is not only the nation’s oldest Spanish language publication, but also the fastest growing newspaper in America during two out of the last three years. On The Media recently sat down with executive editor Alberto Vourvoulias to find out the secret behind their success.

It was interesting to see the ways that class factors into this discussion. While El Diario maintains a presence on the web, since most of its readers don’t have desk jobs, print remains the primary source they turn to for their news.

-Read More at Liberator Mag

Monday, March 9, 2009

Shouldn't Inter-religious marriages be allowed in Lebanon?

From care2:

"Imagine a country where civil weddings between inter-religous couples are only legal if they occur outside its borders. That country is Lebanon.

Civil weddings are recognized, but they cannot take place inside the country. Marriage, divorce and inheritance are regulated according to the conventions of Lebanon's 18 recognized religions."

Would you lend your voice to help Lebanon see the necessity of Interfaith tolerance?

Click here to lend your voice.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Keep Humanitarian Aid In Sudan

From Mercy Corps:

On Wednesday, the government of Sudan asked several humanitarian aid agencies, including Mercy Corps, to suspend operations in Darfur, a move that would threaten humanitarian assistance to millions of vulnerable men, women and children.

Mercy Corps provides lifesaving support to more than 200,000 people in displacement camps who have been forced from their homes by the violence in Darfur. Help keep aid workers where they are most needed in Sudan.

Add your name to the petition to ask United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to urge the government of Sudan to reverse its decision.

Please help, by signing this petition, and spreading the word.
Our participation is vital.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bring Omar al-Bashir to Justice

Amnesty International, USA
5 Penn Plaza
New York, NY 10001
(212) 633-4160

RE: Bring Omar al-Bashir to Justice

Dear Sara Bennett:

It is time to end the atrocities in Darfur and bring the criminal perpetrators to justice. Not even sovereign governments are above world opinion and global standards on humanity. The International Criminal Court (ICC) took necessary action in de-legitimizing the rouge regime in Sudan.

The Obama administration should be made aware that international enforcement of the ICC indictment requires all the nations of the world, including China. The regime could be consider hostile and extreme, in the extent of its ruthless self-perpetuation.

Here is my report.
Eddie Griffin, International Human Rights Activist

Omar al-Bashir & Janjaweed Charged with War Crime in Darfur

THE HAGUE, Netherlands –

The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant Wednesday for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur. He is the first sitting head of state the court has ordered arrested.
Al-Bashir's government denounced the warrant as part of a Western conspiracy aimed at destabilizing the vast oil-rich nation south of Egypt.

African and Arab nations fear the warrant will destabilize the whole region, bring even more conflict in Darfur and threaten the fragile peace deal that ended decades of civil war between northern and southern Sudan. China, which buys two-thirds of Sudan's oil, supports the African and Arab positions.

"Every country in the world is on notice that there is a serious risk of genocide occurring in Darfur. Under the [United Nations] Genocide Treaty, states are obligated to take every conceivable action they can to prevent genocide," says Betsy Apple, who specializes in crimes against humanity for the New York-based group Human Rights First.

Background Notes:

Oil companies like China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and China Chemical and Petroleum Corporation (Sinopec Corp.) go unnoticed in its commercial dealing with the government of Sudan.

China buys Sudan’s oil from Gen. Omar al-Bashir, who came to power in a 1989 coup, and is held in power only by the weapons he buys from China to suppress dissidence and rebellion. The International Criminal Court gave notice of possible genocide in Sudan's Darfur region. The ICC took steps to indict Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir for war crimes. The court's chief prosecutor accused Mr. Bashir of masterminding a campaign of rape and murder targeting people in Sudan's violence-wracked Darfur region.

Murder, rape, and pillage are being systematically carried out by Janjaweed militia, which has left over 300,000 Durfurians dead and 2,000,000 dislocated and homeless. A recent BBC report states that in a recent Janjaweed attack upon a convoy left six people dead and 28 wounded. So, we know that the atrocities continue.

The Christian Science Monitor makes the argument that Omar al-Bashir is actually stealing the oil from the people of Sudan, like a thug dictator who plunders his country’s treasury, and that China’s willful complicity is that of knowingly buying stolen and plundered goods. The Sudanese president has since defied the Big Eight and bullied the African Union into silence.

"He is suspected of being criminally responsible ... for intentionally directing attacks against an important part of the civilian population of Darfur, Sudan, murdering, exterminating, raping, torturing and forcibly transferring large numbers of civilians, and pillaging their property," court spokeswoman Laurence Blairon said. If al-Bashir is brought to trial and prosecuted, he faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

The Court had previously issued two arrest warrants against Sudanese Minister Ahmed Harun and Janjaweed militia leader Ali Kushayb, which remain outstanding. The Sudanese authorities not only failed to arrest these two men, but have also openly protected them.

Today’s decision follows the request submitted by ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo on 14 July 2008. The Sudanese government has been defying the ICC at every step of the way, including by fuelling an “anti-ICC” campaign within the African Union and the League of Arab States, following the Prosecutor’s request for an arrest warrant against Al-Bashir. Its efforts to obtain a deferral of investigations and prosecutions by the Security Council, in accordance with Article 16 of the ICC Statute, have nonetheless been fruitless to-date.

On 21 November 2008, the ICC Prosecutor requested the issuance of arrest warrants against the rebel leaders who allegedly planned and ordered the 29 September 2007 attack against members of the African Union peacekeeping mission (AMIS) in northern Darfur, Sudan. The judges have not yet decided on this application.

Reference: The Darfur Files at

From: Roots of Humanity’s AM I NOT HUMAN CAMPAIGN

[Excerpt from]

Bush, who hands the reins to successor Barack Obama on January 20, will also talk — in person and by videoconference — with the bloggers “to discuss their use of blogs to push for democratic change and greater freedom,” said Carroll.

Those from Egypt and Venezuela will join in by teleconference, while those from Belarus, China, Cuba, Iran and Myanmar will be in the Roosevelt Room in person, said the spokesman.

The bloggers from China, Cuba, Iran and Myanmar now live in the United States, he said.

Does anyone know who the US-based bloggers are?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Bornday ACCESS Charity

Three years ago today ACCESS charity was born with a goal to provide the children of the world with education. The ACCESS acronym stands for: Allowing Children a Chance at Education with School Supplies. The members consider ACCESS their chance to bridge the gap in the world.

Enjoy the video.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Commonthreadz Inspirational Campaign For Afrikan Youth Artists

Commonthreadz is running a campaign that sells tees bearing art created by Afrikan children who have been orphaned. In addition to the power recognition will have on the psyches of these children, Commonthreadz is also collecting the profits, and giving it to the youth artists. It's being said, one teeshirt will feed an orphan for a month. The psychological value alone makes this a cause to support.

Click the image to visit, and spend your coinage on a noble cause.

Monday, March 2, 2009

After Deportation...

Curious about what happens to the undocumented after their deportation, Citizen Orange joined a soup kitchen run by the Catholic church that exclusively serves deportees.
The soup kitchen requires the presentation of papers confirming deportee status, but as Citizen Orange describes it, is a peaceful place to be that can afford some respite to the battered spirits of deportees contemplating the decisions they're faced with.

Read the entire story over at Citizen Orange

Friday, February 27, 2009

Am I Not Human- Free Tibet

Pro-Tibet demonstrations took place outside of the UN during Tibetan New Year recently, marking China's 50th year of occupation in Tibet. The day began with a prayer in the morning for those still suffering in Tibet, for the departed, and in general solidarity. A shrine to the Dalai Llama was also erected surrounded by food, Tibetan flags, and candles.

The group, Karma Namgyal, who greeted one another saying 'Free Tibet', intend to demonstrate throughout the year. They hope the US will become more deeply involved by placing pressure on China to clean up its human rights practices.

It is a relief to see a continued raising of voices unified in the intent to see a liberated Tibet. May those who fell, and experienced torture in the struggle, rest in peace.

On behalf of the suffering, and fallen in Tibet we ask: 'Am I Not Human?'

Learn more about how you can help:

Thankyou to all who participate in the Am I Not Human campaign.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Be a voice for Darfur

Blackperspective says:

The authorization for intervention was given a year and a half ago. The countries that voted for it, including the U.S. at President Bush’s direction, simply haven’t followed through on what they voted for.

UNAMID’s own site states that

A joint African Union/United Nations Hybrid operation in Darfur was authorized by Security Council resolution 1769 of 31 July 2007…authorized UNAMID to take necessary action to support the implementation of the Darfur Peace Agreement, as well as to protect its personnel and civilians, without “prejudice to the responsibility of the Government of Sudan”. UNAMID formally began operations on 31 December 2007.

The African Union troops need more military assets and some air cover; they’re providing the troops. This is plenty doable. It’s not that hard. The world just needs to step up to it’s commitment, and Obama needs to quickly begin to follow through with his.

How to act

1. You can send an electronic post card by going to and filling in your information.

2. Call the White House and leave a message at the switch board: 202-456-1414

3. Send an online message via Obama’s White House Site.

Thankyou for the intel

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Burundi Women Don't Agree With Polygamy

"In Burundi as in many other African countries, polygamy is well enrooted and seen as a normal social phenomenon. In fact, this phenomenon was largely practised in African traditional society. “In traditional Africa, one man could be married to four women and this gives him social respect,” Ndihokubwayo an elder said. This phenomenon because more vigorously practised with the advent of Islam in African countries. Many social consequences resulted from it. For example, women are divorced without any plausible reason and mothers are abandoned with their kids at home.

Asked to give their position about the phenomenon of polygamy, Burundian women don’t hide their disgust towards this phenomenon. NoĆ«lla Haziyo, a young lady in first year of university, describes polygamy as a way through which our ancestors could satisfy their greed. In way viewing things, she vigorously rejects the idea of bringing a second wife simply because a wife resembles another, as she goes on saying. More striking is the fact that this phenomenon which has existed since long ago does not outgrow itself despite its negative impact on the African society.

Here many agree on the idea that the phenomenon cannot disappear as a long as only women are victims. “I can never understand the reaction of my husband. He let me alone with our children and I haven’t seen him for months and months,” Claudette angrily denounces her husband. “I really regret my marriage with my husband; he doesn’t love me and my children,” she says.

Read More at Baobob connections

Monday, February 9, 2009

Your voice is needed to free a victim of hatecrime charged for defending himself

How can the victim of a hate crime, who defended himself be charged at all, let alone more excessively than the one assailant of the two who actually received a slap on the hand?
An exemplary student with no prior record, who had every right to defend himself should not be brought up on charges. This is obviously racial targeting and in a time when our Commander in Chief is an African American, it is disappointing to see this degraded mentality attempt to be so bold.

Please sign the petition to have all charges dropped for Jason Vasell (Not to mention the charges need to be dropped WITH apology to him):

Request clemency for Troy Davis

Take Action On This Issue

In prison, despite the recanting of false testimonies by 7 out of 9 witnesses who advised they were coerced to lie by police officers for their own freedom, Troy Davis an innocent man, can be freed by the raising of awareness among us, and the solidarity in making our desire for justice known.

Watch the vid below, and click this link to add your signature to a letter requesting clemency for Troy Davis. You can click the labels for past entries if you're not familiar with this case.

Crossposted at UltravioletUnderground.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Outlawed excerpt

An excerpt from: 'Outlawed'
warning: the following details disturbing content
in case children are in the room.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Eradicating Rendition

Will the closing of Guantanamo reach all the way onto all of the Secret prisons and torture sites? Your thoughts are welcome.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Israel Has Done Itself In

"Why Israel won't survive: The merciless Israeli bombardment of Gaza has stopped -- for now -- but the death toll keeps rising as more bodies are pulled from carpet- bombed neighborhoods.

What Israel perpetrated in Gaza, starting at 11:30am on 27 December 2008, will remain forever engraved in history and memory. Tel al-Hawa, Hayy al-Zeitoun, Khuzaa and other sites of Israeli massacres will join a long mournful list that includes Deir Yasin, Qibya, Kufr Qasim, Sabra and Shatila, Qana, and Jenin.

Once again, Israel demonstrated that it possesses the power and the lack of moral restraint necessary to commit atrocities against a population of destitute refugees it has caged and starved.

The dehumanization and demonization of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims has escalated to the point where Israel can with full self- righteousness bomb their homes, places of worship, schools, universities, factories, fishing boats, police stations -- in short everything that sustains civilized and orderly life -- and claim it is conducting a war against terrorism.

Yet paradoxically, it is Israel as a Zionist state, not Palestine or the Palestinian people, that cannot survive this attempted genocide.

Israel's "war" was not about rockets -- they served the same role in its narrative as the non-existent weapons of mass destruction did as the pretext for the American-led invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Israel's real goals were to restore its "deterrence" fatally damaged after its 2006 defeat in Lebanon (translation: its ability to massacre and terrorize entire populations into submission) and to destroy any Palestinian resistance to total Israeli-Jewish control over historic Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

With Hamas and other resistance factions removed or fatally weakened, Israel hoped the way would be clear to sign a "peace" deal with chief Palestinian collaborator Mahmoud Abbas to manage Palestinians on Israel's behalf until they could be forced out once and for all.

The US-backed "moderate" dictatorships and absolute monarchies led by Egypt and Saudi Arabia supported the Israeli plan hoping to demonstrate to their own people that resistance -- whether against Israel or their own bankrupt regimes -- was futile.

To win, Israel had to break Palestinian resistance. It failed. On the contrary, it galvanized and unified Palestinians like never before. All factions united and fought heroically for 23 days. According to well-informed and credible sources Israel did little harm to the modest but determined military capacity of the resistance. So instead Israel did what it does best: it massacred civilians in the hope that the population would turn against those fighting the occupier.

Israel not only unified the resistance factions in Gaza; its brutality rallied all Palestinians and Arabs."

Read More at Liberator Magazine

Thankyou For Participating

Click the button to list your entry's link.
Your participation in raising awareness about human rights abuses is amazingly appreciated. Thankyou again.

Am I not Human: Spending Power and Equality.

Open the borders so aid can reach injured peoples in need as a direct result of the acts of genocide set against Palestinians for 22 days (this time). The imbalances involved in the genocides taking place in our world, have to be checked without further procrastination. Anytime you have thousands of civilians being killed in cold blood, a third of them child citizens, you have a blatant revealing that power gone unchecked has grown full of itself and believes itself superior to natural diversity in nature and humanity.

We have the ability to effect change with our spending power.
Boycott Israel, Divest from all companies benefiting from the genocide in Darfur, and be very aware that affecting the money of tyrants is affecting their 'achilles' heel. When peaceful protests are not as effective as they need to be, you can be sure it is time to employ strategy.

Please enjoy the writings of Roots from a Fallen Tree, to learn of direct companies that can be boycotted, in your stance against genocide.

Thankyou to all who participate on the 27th of the month to raise awareness of human rights abuses and solutions to overcome the abuse of power against 'the common people'.

An article on the recent Holocaust in Gaza.

Enjoy a nice missile toy courtesy of GiveMeSwank.
It's meant to help us think. No matter how charming the wrapping, corruption is corruption. Malice is malice.