Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Am I Not Human: Human Trafficking

The silent, vicious underbelly of world society has supported the slave trade of women, and children for the purposes of forced prostitution and unpaid labor to and unforgivable degree of depravity and length of time, but it's voice has been largely ignored by a media that would rather give coverage to under-garment revealing mishaps of famous personalities, and propaganda designed to generate political support for various profit-generating efforts and/or smear campaigns aimed at political parties that completely distract and direct mass attention away from important issues impacting our world.

While we enjoy the fruits of our labors -- though admittedly many of us struggle to enjoy even that, there are voiceless people who have been reduced to slaves, hidden by a corrupt secret market that exploits the innocence of those who have found themselves alone and vulnerable, or who have even been sold to it by their own families.

Fortunately there are voices who refuse to be silenced, and share vital information with the masses who think for themselves and seek news that informs rather than brainwashes, or dumbs down the intellect.

A film documentary entitled 'Call and Response' has been created to bring to light the devastating effects of the evils in this hidden slavery system that has found itself widespread from the West to the East. Created by a musician who happened upon the horrors of sexual slavery during a celebratory weekend, this film is intended to wake us up to the realities that very real, very innocent children and individuals in general are facing in society --even in the 'Free World'.

The trailer for the film certainly may be shocking for some. Please watch this before deciding whether or not to share this footage with the youth in your home.

We hope you'll spread the word about this film, join the mailing lists of sites that focus on undoing this harmful system so you can participate in action alerts, and pray/meditate for a world that holds precious: 'the right to exist' peacefully.

On behalf of the children and individuals subjected to Modern Day Slavery we ask:

Here are some sites you can visit to be place on mailing lists, and inform yourself about actions you can take to help undo this epidemic:

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PA court champions children by upholding that viewing child pornography is illegal.