Saturday, August 27, 2011

Am I Not Human: Police Brutality and Community Outrage

What is it going to take for concrete measures against police brutality to be taken? Without staunch regulation that acts as a strong deterrent, we can expect more riots like the one that took place in the UK earlier this month to happen again. Community "powerlessness" will soon become communal fury faced with terrors issued from the hands of those who are charged to serve and protect.

Please take a moment to visit the following links and add any word you may have of movements to push for severe regulations that will discourage the abuse of power in uniform (post links in or outside of the states in the comments so everyone can hopefully find resources). At the very least, we all have the power to spread news of resources and organizations who are dedicated to eradicating police brutality.

5 Ways to fight Police Brutality
Petition Against Police Brutality Targeting Disabled People (US)
Stop Police Brutality of the Samburu (Kenya)
Coalition Against Police Brutality (Asia)
Petition Against Police Brutality in Delhi (India)
Petition Against Student-targeted Police Brutality (US)
Petition Against Police Intimidation and Brutality (US)
Global petition against Rastafarian-targeted Police Brutality (US)
Petition Against Black-targeted Police Brutality (US)
Petition against Latino-targeted Police Brutality (US)
Petition Against Racism And Police Brutality (Greece)
Stop police brutality of Namibidian Youth (Namibidia)
An earlier broadcast from RadioProject (US)
Resist Police Brutality (US)
Contemporary Police Misconduct (US)

This is a global problem:


South Asia
South Korea
East Africa
South Africa

Let's put our heads and voices together and find a solution.
On behalf of all innocents who deserve to be served and protected without threat or power-abusive beatings, electrocution (tasers), and murder, we ask:

Monday, August 15, 2011

Please Excuse The Absence of July's Post


I apologize for the absence of July's 'Am I Not Human' post. Things have been challenging on this end after a big move and a robbery (we weren't home and are okay). I have every intention to post a bright light for the August 27th campaign.

Unnecessary setbacks be damned. We persevere.

Blissings 'pon your lights.