Saturday, March 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: The Scott Sisters

How is it possible that even after a signed affidavit by their former accuser, recanting his statement, the Scott Sisters appeals were denied by the Supreme court, and all for a 'robbery' we now know they never committed that amounted to 11 dollars stolen by men allowed to get away on plea deals?

If you're not already familiar with this case which has been dragging on for well over a decade [over 11 dollars they never stole, yes}, the following vid can shed some light.

(note: This vid is a year or so old, but still, unfortunately, relevant)

Were certainly not ignorant of the reluctant-justice in our 'halls of order', having rallied for the release of the Jena 5 who were facing sentences that fell grossly beyond even an imagined scope of proportion, and Troy Davis who even after the recanting of 7 out of 9 accusers who advised officers coerced them into accusing him to begin with was denied justice repeatedly.

But what do we do about it? Outside of thinking high thoughts, and adding our voice to written demands for proportional justice, our only visible choice seems to take action to reform the system itself by utilizing our voices to gain the attention of the commander in chief.

Please utilize the links provided below to do both:

Sign the Petition

I was unable to join the blogging effort on this day
but there are great resources to the Governor and Congressman
that have power to make a change in this case.
Visit here for more intel

Send a letter to President Obama

On behalf of innocents, charged with crimes they didn't commit, or meted out sentences not befitting their crimes, I ask:


Raye of
The enslavement of the poor in American Prisons