Friday, November 27, 2009

Am I Not Human: Conflict Minerals

While some of us are aware of Western culture's hand in stripping the Congo's coltan for use in our wireless devices, a large host of others have no clue that the majority of resources Western culture depends upon have been stolen, and/or barely paid any of their worth as they're taken from the dark continent. So it lights my heart to see the mainstream attention 60 minutes is giving the issue of conflict minerals this Sunday.
The more we become aware of how we come by our luxuries, the sooner we can take action to ensure their is no theft and horror attached to them at the root of acquisition, moving forward. While many are celebrating a holiday that was founded on the genocide of Indigenous Americans (in our home, as a matter of conscience, we had to flip it, make it vegan, and global-culture celebrating for a week rather than focus on the designated day or it's rituals), the majority of the world is paying in blood for yet more frivolity by the privileged few who even in uncomfortable financial times are truly more privileged than imagined.

Be thankful for the information age, and the lightning fast speed of the truth. It will set us all free, eventually.

View the bill seeking to improve transparency and reduce the trade of conflict minerals H.R.4128

Click to read the information page Enough project has put together.

On behalf of our human siblings in the Congo who have been robbed, made to engage in life-threatening labor, and suffer Western-culture orchestrated internal-war horrors I ask: