Thursday, January 27, 2011

Am I Not Human: Black Mother Jailed For Sending Kids To Wrong School District

So a mother decides she wants her children to have a better education than her district would provide her girls with, and fibs about her residence so they can attend a better school. This school is in a white school district. This mother and her girls are black. Her proposed punishment? A felony conviction.
This mother is also just credits away from her teaching credentials; a job she can't hold with a felony conviction. Guess this Ohio town had to show the Black gal where her 'place' is, in a land stolen primarily for 'white use', and begrudgingly 'shared' with freed-abductee and immigrated people of color.

'Williams-Bolar is black and poor. Plenty of observers in Akron, in Ohio and around the nation have called this further fallout of a history of racism in general and racial apartheid in American schools.
-Madeline Holler

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On behalf of indigenous peoples everywhere who have had their wealth stolen, only to be treated at nearly every turn as 'the criminal' reflection of real criminals, I ask: