Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Children Under Fire

The family in the following video were located in a camp called Um Tandelti in the Sudan. interviewed them and learned of a new custom (Hijabs: Pieces of The Quran wrapped in Goat Skin used to ward of bullets from the innocent)created as Darfuris have sought to
keep their sanity and reach for hope in a wartorn environment.

Are They Not Human?
Stop The Genocide Olympics

Responses 'Am I Not Human'
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Monday, April 28, 2008

Darfur and Tibet ask 'Am I Not Human?'

Whether your are a blogger or a blog reader ... our hope is that you will join us on the 27th of each month to participate in our 'Am I Not Human' campaign. We often get caught up in our day-to-day lives or in the latest diversions in the presidential elections. Sometimes, we simply aren't aware of the atrocities being committed against human beings in places like Darfur, Tibet and elsewhere.

Sudan, the historic Nubia, is the largest country in Africa. Darfur is roughly the size of Texas. Sudan scarred having fought a civil war for 21 years that killed millions of people. Unfortunately, Sudan is an oil country with 70% of its oil derived revenue fed to the military while the Darfurian people starve. China is the largest stakeholder in Sudanese oil, purchases 70% of Sudan's exports and is Sudan's largest supplier of arms. China has major clout with Sudan. Yet, we have seen over 400,000 Darfurians senselessly murdered and 2.3 million have been displaced. The people of Darfur ask a simple question, 'Am I Not Human?'

Tibet was administered by Llamas (Tibetan Buddhist high monks) as a free and independent state from 1913 to 1950. In 1949, the People's Liberation Army of China invaded Tibet as a part of their cultural revolution. Millions of Tibetans have been murdered as a direct result of the Chinese invasion and occupation of Tibet. Tibetans are not free to openly practice their their religion. The Dalai Lama is considered by China to be a terrorist instigator. Tibetan buddhists consider him to be the reincarnation of Buddha. However, speaking of him or possessing his photograph is torturously punishable by Chinese law. China recently renewed its crackdown of Tibet as a result of recent protests. The people of Tibet ask a simple question, 'Am I Not Human?'

I hope you take action! Download our E-book to see a number of ways to take action. Stop supporting businesses who support rapists, torturers or murderers. Do your research. Visit links here, here or here to see what you can do to hold inhumane criminals accountable and stopped flat.

Are you up to supporting this human rights campaign on the 27th of each month? What say u?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Am I Not Human?


Do Darfurians and Tibetans qualify as human in your perception?
They qualify as human in our perception. We want their oppression lifted.
We ask you to cease the role you play in their and any other peoples' unnecessary,
barbaric suffering.

We ask you to reclaim your humanity.
We'll be watching.

The Roots of Humanity Ebook is ready for download in the sidebar.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

China's Genocide Games

Take a moment to check out this article describing the connection between Darfur and China. Obama, Nadar and others have publically tied the Beijing Olympics to the situation in Darfur. Many of us watched the heated protests in Paris, San Francisco and elsewhere during the journey of the Olympic Flame.

It goes without saying that the Beijing Olympics are a powerful target to be pursued by any of us that care about the Darfur genocide. Eric Reeves lays it out for us in his article entitled, 'China's Genocide Games'.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Darfur: Always Highly Prudent

"Always Highly Prudent"

Danielle Vyas

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AP PhotoSang Tan

Betsy Apple, the Director of the Crimes Against Humanity Program at Human Rights First and Eric Sears, a program officer in the same program, recently wrote at the Huffington Post that China continues to downplay the link between it’s arm sales to Sudan and the genocidal depopulation technique being administered in Darfur.

Last week the Chinese foreign ministry dismissed the findings of a new Human Rights First report that identified China as the single largest provider of small arms to Sudan, promising the world that its arms sales are “always highly prudent”.

Whenever a word such as prudent is used I always sense of cover up and Chaplin’s voice speaks to me, “More than logic; We need compassion”.

Prudence is a word stuck in logic.

Look at the definition of the word Prudence:

1 : the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason ~ One can reason anything right or wrong.

2 : sagacity or shrewdness in the management of affairs

3 : skill and good judgment in the use of resources ~ The third definition is more in line with China’s policy. They want to secure Darfur’s oil of which they hold the majority of. By selling the arms used to murder and displace people living in the vicinity of their oil wells is China utilizing it’s resources in good judgment?

4 : caution or circumspection as to danger or risk ~ When the genocide or depopulation campaign started in 2003 so did China’s arm sales to Sudan, hardly a drop of logic is needed to put the two together in regards to caution as to risk or danger.

Humanity must become highly prudent when we hear news of acts of disregard for human value anywhere. The diversity of humanity or our ethnosphere is a valuable resource and must be protected.

If we are to do nothing, say nothing, we declare a lot.

By doing nothing, we say depopulation for corporate profits is a nifty way to turn a profit.

By saying nothing, we say our traditions, specifically The Olympics, stand for nothing.

We say at Roots of Humanity, we stand for humanity.

The basic right of existence for all within our biosphere is a goal worth working toward.

The article also rightly states that the Beijing Olympics are becoming a pr nightmare for China. That is why we have designated the Olympic Sponsors a primary target.

Email or call the Olympic Corporate Sponsors.

Send a letter to companies sponsoring the 2008 Olympics, hosted by China. (Dream for Darfur’s email system will let you do this with the touch of a button.)

Pledge to turn off the commercials of Olympic Sponsors during the Games.

Olympic corporate sponsors have been silent about China’s financing of the Darfur genocide, even as the sponsors are spending billions to enhance China’s image as Olympic host. If sponsors continue to ignore China’s complicity in the Darfur genocide, we will ignore their million-dollar ad campaigns.

Write to the UN Special Adviser on Sport for Development and Peace.
Mr. Adolf Ogi represents the UN Secretary-General in contacts with international sports bodies. Tell him you are concerned that the world will gather for the Olympics while the people of Darfur are being slaughtered.

Petition the International Olympic Committee.
Urge the IOC to work with the international community to ensure that China uses its leverage with the government of Sudan to help stop the genocide in Darfur, and avoids tarnishing the 2008 Games in Beijing.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Am I Not Human Press Release

Bloggers Stand in Remembrance of Humanity on April 27th

(PressMethod) - With the intent to ask the masses to remember humanity when they think of major competitive events such as the Olympics, set to be hosted in Beijing by a country guilty of involvement in numerous civil rights violations and outright oppression, April 27th is being observed as the day the question must be asked for Darfurians, and Tibetans to name only a few countries that have been affected by China's lack of concern for human rights, 'Am I not human?'

The Olympics have been said to represent friendship and humanity, but the oppressive realities China has taken part in seem to willfully ignore higher Olympic principles.

The 'Am I not human?'blog campaign involves bloggers from a myriad of cultures recognizing the symbolic importance the Olympics claim to represent and the direct violation towards humanity China is guilty of in its act as a supplier to Oppressive forces in the Sudan, and it's unspeakable acts towards Tibetan Monks.

The campaign's strategy is to educate, motivate and activate. A small ebook will be available for download detailing the background of the struggle in Darfur and Tibet, highlighting real actions that can and should be taken. The ebook will present the opportunity to continue action offline within our communities by anyone claiming to be interested in making a positive change.

Conscious Blogger Eddie Griffin shares, "We will no longer idly stand by and watch such blatant hypocrisy as human beings are inhumanely preyed upon."

The Blog Campaign participants will post in unity on the 27th of each month until real measurable, progressive change can be seen in Darfur and Tibet.

The Virtual Campaign headquarters can be found at:
The email where Campaign Organizers can be reached:


Eddie Griffin
Daz Wilson
Danielle Vyas
Wayne Hicks


Email Us

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Am I not HUman?

In an age of gross convenience for the few at the expense of the many, the question must be posed. Do we collectively remember our humanity or are many of us too far gone, lost... insane? Are those of us free of the extreme oppression of our brothers and sisters in re-developing countries so far removed from compassion that we cannot imagine what it must be like to starve, or watch our own children starve, be tortured or killed? We cannot afford to ignore the reality. The cost of ignoring our duty to our human siblings everywhere is our humanity.