Saturday, February 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: The roots of Haitian culture versus conversion propaganda

Naomi Extra put together a writing group awhile back that has recently called for stories that raise awareness about Haitian culture. As part of my Am I Not Human campaign offering I'd like to extend more information about the roots of Haitian culture, to help dispel disinformation and encourage dialogue.

I hope you'll submit a story (here )after you view more information via the links and video provided. I plan to update the post with my tale, after it publishes with Lady Nextra, as well. Please share links to yours.


This offering is extended with the hope that we can brainstorm ways that cultural-discrimination, such as that being seen amongst missionaries who claim they will not likely continue to give aid to Haitian Vodou practioners (forced conversion, anyone? How charitable...), can be thwarted utterly. Your ideas for solutions are most welcome in the comments or in your own blog posts that we can visit through the links you extend.


Haiti liberated and Rescued Other Nations

(One of the most underknown forces that impacted the end of slavery when it liberated itself as an independent nation)


Until Haiti spoke, the church was silent, and the pulpit was dumb. Slave-traders lived and slave-traders died." - Excerpts from Frederick Douglass


Wyclef speaks to Haitian culture about the Toussaint Film


Some Familiar Faces in the Haitian Diaspora

Please continue to donate to trusted relief organizations on behalf of Haiti.

From experience I recommend MercyCorps (they update you on where the money is going).
Please share aid organizations you trust in the comments <3>

On behalf of my underrepresented human siblings in Haiti, facing threats against integral aspects of their culture, and threat of destabilization by government interference all while struggling to survive and recover from a beyond-devastating blow. I ask: