Monday, December 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: Veto HR2751

During what tends to be a holiday season for several cultures, a bill, attempting for the 3rd time, to make it impossible for all but those with corporate-coin level wealth to grow food, was passed on December 21st.

It would further endeavor to target organic food producers, who this bill has aimed to force to treat harvests with trace amounts of poisonous agents, under the guise of 'Food Safety'. Such a thing would render our food, inorganic. There would no longer be such a thing as truly organic food available for purchase in the US.

I wrote a bit about this last week on UU, but a drive for signatures is imperative, and requires all who are standing up to continue spreading the word and urging action. This is not the kind of bill people will want to find they regret signing 'later', when the horror can be avoided by acting now.

It's one of the most serious issues, second only to air that affects our ability to live, and raise families.
We need food to feed our children. Corporations cannot be trusted to control that. Ever. Currently HealthfreedomUSA is contuining to champion this movement, after some success somewhat softening the bill from its previous nightmarish position, but we cannot relax yet. There are hidden clauses in it that make this bill a real danger, which could have us literally starving for nothing more than the reason of corporate greed.
We're writing to Michelle Obama, a staunch advocate of organic gardening, and healthy eating for children, to relay the importance of a veto of this bill.

An elder asked me recently (mildly paraphrased): 'Don't folks think it's strange that laws were put in place to stop US farmers from growing food awhile back, so our food is imported and more expensive? The food is imported from countries the US has no legal power over. They use pesticides not even lawful in the US, now. Does that sound like food safety? And now a bill's trying to make it so everyday people can't plant seeds if they choose to grow their own food? What do folks think of that?'

What do you think of that?
Are we willing to take the chance that one day, with such a bill, the government could weave a tale about trouble with imports, and without rights to grow our own food, force us to slowly starve, and suffer in the inevitable chaos? I'm not. I'm pushing back. Are you?

Please take a minute (literally) to send your version of the digital template letter to Michelle Obama, urging her to give crucial support to a vetoing of this bill, here.

On behalf of everyone threatened or afflicted with the depravity of corporate food control/poisoning I ask:

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Am I Not Human-The freeing of Aung San Suu Kyi
art: Shephard Fairey

Spending 15 years under house arrest, Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel prize winner and political activist--whose goal has long been revolution without violence--was finally released on November 13th 2007, with a fixed eye upon her goal for Burmese democracy. A realist, rather than the optimist some would paint her, Aung is continuing with her goals for the party, with the perseverance necessary to achieve a goal that would change life entirely in Burma, where life under military control has kept the people under an inconceivably oppressive rule.

Impact Mag had this to say of Aung San Suu Kyi's struggle:

"The Amnesty International ‘Burma Campaign’ which had been campaigning for Aung San Suu’s release knows that even now the fight is not over. 2,002 political prisoners still remain in Burma, all under house arrest or detained in prison facilities. Each prisoner is further evidence of repressive rule by the Burmese junta, a regime accused by Harvard Law School of war crimes and crimes against humanity, a regime without freedom of speech and without freedom of political representation. The figurehead of resistance in Burma may be free at last, but many other dissidents will continue to be silenced as long as this regime is in power."

Aung's release is wonderful news, but it is news that should continue to fuel grassroots awareness-raising and action.

On behalf of political prisoners everywhere, I ask:


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: UN Affirms Right To Water

The UN Human Rights Council affirmed the human right to water and sanitation as legally binding at September's end, considering it a right to an adequate standard of living. It's a victory that lays the groundwork for a world where basic resources, which are already free, are available to everyone, as nature intended, hopefully in organic and non-fluoridated forms.

It seemed right posting this for October's focus.
We need to raise awareness about triumphs as much as causes to rally action for, because there are victories. We're not caught in a cycle of unliftable oppression.
Our actions make change.

Read more about this important win

Civil society groups across the globe, campaigning for recognition of the right to water and sanitation, on behalf of all humanity asked:

The UN gave the correct answer.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: Tapestries Of Hope

Tomorrow, September 28th,  filmmaker Michaelene Risley's documentary 'Tapestries of Hope' will air with the intent of exposing the horrors of sexual assault that have been exacted on thousand's of young Zimbabwean girls by men led to believe it will cure HIV/Aids.
More than 100 theaters are screening the film around the country to raise awareness about the 'International Violence Against Women' Act, a bipartisan bill seeking to implement legislation ends violence against women and girls worldwide.

You can lend your voice here:

For additional details about the film and bill please visit the source of this story at

On behalf of our sisters who have suffered the assault of their bodies, and spirits, I ask:

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: Turning To the Media to Free Troy Davis

Amnesty International has reported Troy's appeal has been denied. Our hope now lays in raising alot of news in the media. Where there's a will, there's a way. Please pick up your pen, or engage your keyboard.

Amnesty's Talking Points:

Alert the media! Troy Davis must not be executed!

Federal Judge William T. Moore, Jr., has ruled that Troy Davis did not meet the very high standard to "clearly establish" his innocence at the hearing held in Savannah on June 23-24.

The hearing did not erase doubts about Troy Davis' guilt; those doubts persist, but for the moment, Troy's death sentence stands. Write a letter to your local newspapers expressing your concern that an execution could still be carried out, despite these continuing doubts about Troy Davis' guilt.

• Troy Davis may be back on track for execution following the August 24th decision of a federal judge to reject his petition
• With no physical evidence, Troy Davis had to prove his innocence by relying on witnesses whose credibility was called into question by the judge, yet they were the very people whose testimony put Davis on death row
• The hearing did not resolve doubts about Troy Davis' guilt; no execution should go forward when there is so much doubt and uncertainty
• This case illustrates why the death penalty is fundamentally flawed and should be abolished

Letter-writing Tips
Make it your own. Use these talking points as a guide, but put your letter in your own words. Try to frame your letter as a response to a recent article, editorial, or event covered by your newspaper.

Keep it short. Most newspapers will only accept letters of 150-200 words.

Pick one angle: You likely have many reasons for believing what you are advocating for, but you only have 250 words to tell your side of the story. Pick just one reason and tailor the LTE to fit that choice.

Make sure to give your contact details, including phone number. (Phone numbers will not be published; editors generally call authors to confirm the validity of the letter before publishing.)
to save a copy of your letter and try again with another newspaper.

On behalf of Troy Davis, I ask:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Am I not Human: 'Just-us' and The blood of innocents

I needed time to allow my feelings to process into something coherent, and productive, hearing the 'verdict' extended to Oscar Grant's murderer, on what I percieve to be a stingingly silver platter.
Everything stopped in the air around me when I learned that Meserhle was slapped on the hand for taking the life of an innocent, despite video proof graphically presenting the cold reality of his actions. How does a copnot know', he pulled a gun instead of a taser, which either way, was completely unwarranted? I know a large portion of the water supply is fluoridated, drugging a hefty amount of us with unregulated levels of this FDA-classified poison, but how stupid do 'they' think we are? Or rather, how docile, and cowed are they counting on us to be?

The state comments of homeland-security allied (homeland-security?!) 'preparedness' against expressions of outrage, bordered on hinted-willingness to lynch the attenders of the peaceful protest of the lawless verdict, were the state given the hair of a chance. And even fully knowing that this country is built of the blood and anguish of innocents in a hall of smoke and mirrors, something went quiet within me. It was too soon after the murder-by-cop of a 7 yr old child while she slept. I couldn't process it. I spoke a bit of my peace in the dimensions of 140, but I couldn't for long, and dsisconnected to stare at the ceiling, and let my psyche protect me from what , at that moment, was impossible to stomach.

The reality, that even in the face of indisputable evidence for anyone with functional grey matter, the 'justice' system didn't care enough to punish a dishonorable, not to mention murderous officer, burned cold. Something in me seized and I was concerned at how sober my reaction was from what would normally be flames erupting.
It opened my throat for more swallowed tears, but this time, I couldn't 'react'. I couldn't say more of the same.
On the heels of the police murder of a 7 year old in our commmunity, while she slept, with all indications that a child was in the home the police shot into, unequivocally discernable as there were visible toys on the lawn, and verbal warnings of the fact, I became still.
I had to go around the place within me where words are a sanctuary, and wait outside.
I'm not accustomed to it.
I would usually rebel at walking around with a knot anger deprived of progressive action, even if that action was only raising awareness, but doing 'the usual' has only delivered the usual result. and I fear that more of the same *will* escalate into the full-on extermination of my people, given the chance.
And I wonder, in full sincerity, how anyone claiming to be human, and even further a protector of humanity can take the lives of innocents, fully knowing it is against the code they swore to uphold. Perhaps they simply do not see people of color, or even, as we've seen from quite a few taser murders, impoverished peoples of Euro descent, as people. It could very simply be the 'better-than' poison at work, that has dehumanized the world to such a hollow state of denial, suggesting the solution is rooted in celebrating commonality, and breaking down the walls of 'separate and divide',to at the very least, have honest discussion about solutions. It's an incredibly complex exercise for peoples of color still recovering from the force stripping of identity by inarguably inhuman methods, who are still seeking ways to celebrate root-identity and somehow reconcile it with integrated, and it can be asserted, compromised identity.
It seems a certainty to me that this conflict has to be resolved once and for all, as this liminal station serves only our own deaths, rather than the rebirths we've sought on a communal level for too long.
The glittering distractions of modern day buffonery will dazzle some, but the realities of our true predicament are glaring, and cannot continue to go unanswered, or worse, answered by the seeming 3 out of 100 of us willing to sign a petition, march for a cause, attend city hall meetings, create communiversities, and the like.
Organizations like @TheImpactPanel are an immensely hopeful sign, but it will take participation for these seeds of healing, and affirmed whole-identity to successfully take root.
I choose to continue to believe in our collective spirit, and even have hope for those who pretend none of this is happening, because truly, nothing happens without a reason. There is always a lesson. That wisdom goes without question. The true matter at hand, is 'What have we learned, and *when* do we apply it?'.
In a society that serves justice on a whim or by forced hand, I wonder if its true that justice can never be, on stolen land, which leads me to ask:

On behalf, of the sane, the *truly* human in a dying world one hopes means a rebirth free of government corruption, I ask:

Note: Please excuse any typos I didn't catch with the red pen. As the pc is having issues *again*, I had to type this on the G1, which was quite the venture, but worth every bit of effort. Shine bright and asante for your patience. Equipment replacements are being arranged for August. Electronics and I have had a strange relationship. Your high thoughts are appreciated.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: June 2007 Posts

Marenda, Bohemian Chick, Villager, Ms Lady Deborah, Eddie Griffin (posted food for thought abt delusional 'officials' before campaign day), and PZ ask:

Check current and past reported posts,
by clicking the the yellow button in the sidebar.

Linklist note: Click on the above names to visit the posts. If your post is up, please include it through the yellow button in the side bar. Thankyou for taking the time to focus attention on the human rights crisis', and solutions we can all take action in empowering with our signatures, signs, blogs, wallets, divestments, and the like.
Our mainstream media may ignore the majority of human rights violations in favor of diversion-media, but we have the power to spread the word about what's really happening in the world, in our efforts to power solutions.

This practice of posting campaign links was something Sir Wayne offered as a service in the early days of the 'Roots-Of-Humanity' groups' 'Am I Not Human' campaign. As a reminder of the post-links available through the yellow button in the sidebar, we may be offering this from time to time when there are abundant links on a given month <3

Am I Not Human: The Making Of Girl Child Soldiers

The systematic dehumanization the world over has targeted its efforts heavily on females, including child females, who have been subjected to rape, forced witness of the murders of their loved ones, and forced service in para-military operations, often funded by Western interests who benefit from the creation of in-fighting in lands with resources desired. Liberia being just one of them.

I offer the following video in the spirit of humanity, as well in caution. Without unity, and the building of better systems for 'the common people', this could take place anywhere in the world. Our 'leaders' have proven repeatedly that there is no true care in Western governments for its people, the natural world, or anything outside of profit and their profit-sharing corporate friends. It is beyond time to wake up as global people, and especially those amongst us with means to make a differnce and raise awareness. We can not turn away from what is happening to our children, our sisters, or our brothers the world over in redeveloping countries, anymore than we can ignore what is happening on the soil we currently reside on. We *are* one, regardless of the illusions that would suggest we're somehow 'safe'.

The destruction of senseless wars has struck peoples in the redeveloping world, in the middle of the night oftentimes, when the people are most vulnerable, without warning, leaving children parentless, and without protection or resources; reducing them to prey for soulless predators who would make soldiers of them.

'Sometimes we had no food, so we'd look for potato leaves in the bush.'
- Mamie, a girl child forced to aid soldiers and endure repeated rape.

Vid Source

If you haven't added your signature to the Child Soldier Prevention Act (S. 1175), please do so now:

Thankyou for your consideration.

On behalf of our siblings who have been robbed of their innocence, and all that matters most. I ask:


Girl Soldiers Suffering while Taylor's War Crimes Defense Begins

Friday, June 25, 2010

Coastal Governors Call for Prayer on June 27th

Gulf State Governors Call for Prayer- not Repentance:
The waters are troubled and not yet healed

By Eddie Griffin

Friday, June 25, 2010

From the Plano Examiner: “UPDATE! More Governor’s Proclaim Call For Prayer This Sunday

67 days into the Gulf oil spill crisis, four affected State Governors have now issued proclamations declaring this Sunday, June 27th as A Day Of Prayer.

Texas Governor Rick Perry stated-" It seems right and fitting that the people of Texas should join with their fellow Gulf Coast residents and others across the country and around the world to thank God, seek his wisdom for ourselves and our leaders, and ask him for his merciful intervention and healing in this time of crisis."

Alabama Governor Bob Riley said-"Throughout our history, Alabamians have humbly turned to God to ask for His blessings and to hold us steady during times of struggle. This is certainly one of those times."

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour wrote-" Prayer allows us the opportunity to reflect and seek guidance, strength, comfort and inspiration from Almighty God and citizens of Mississippi are urged to pray....."

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal declared-"June 27th as a Statewide Day of Prayer for perseverance."

COMMENTARY by Eddie G. Griffin (BASG)

As surely as I write, I knew the day would come when they, collectively, would call upon the God of Heaven to heal their waters. So, I ask: “Who shall pray, non-believers?” They are all non-believers, because they say one thing and mean another.

Only yesterday, it seems, Governor Rick Perry was calling the BP disaster an Act of God, now he request prayer: to wit, “thank God, seek his wisdom, ask for his merciful intervention, and healing.” Yet he rejects wisdom and denies mercy. Why didn’t he pardon Timothy Cole before his life expired in prison? Oh, but he is so sad that the State of Texas allowed an innocent, college student, and veteran die in prison like a dog. And, the blood of Jamie Scott is now upon the head of Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.

Let me admonish the governors that the oil is here, and it is here to stay for a long while. It is not an inevitable. It is a fact. Leaders accept facts. Prayer, in this case, is an act of desperation, in lieu of the facts. They want a miracle for nothing, without even having to pay the price of their sins.

Merciful Intervention and Healing: What the Governor of Texas ask, is this not what we poured out our tears over? Is this not why we begged and pleaded with Governor Haley Barbour for mercy and compassion upon humanity, for the release Jamie and Gladys Scott from prison? For an $11 robbery in which no one was hurt, these two young mothers, with no prior criminal records and had no direct part in the crime, were sent to prison in the State of Mississippi, sentenced to double life… seventeen years ago. [See Newsweek story]

Now both women who went to prison at ages 19 and 22 years old are grandmothers, and Jamie is dying from kidney failure. Both have consistently maintained their innocence. And, there is no evidence or proof that either took direct part in the robbery, nor heretofore, either had prior criminal record. Why then is the Governor of Mississippi so hard-hearted in this case.

How can they have the audacity to pray for mercy, when they are so unwilling to show mercy? And anyway, June 27th is already reserved as a Day of Blogging for Justice by ROOTS of HUMANITY, and some of us will be blogging for Justice on behalf of the Scott Sisters.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Oil for Justice in Mississippi


Long overdue Justice may be coming to Mississippi… in the form of oil upon the pristine Gulf casino beaches

There comes a time when a man becomes so angry and frustrated that there is only one place to appeal: And, that is Heaven.


I, Eddie Griffin, will not eat or sleep until there is Justice for the Scott Sisters who are in prison, in the State of Mississippi. I may eat tomorrow because Justice may be on its way, in the form of oil upon the pristine Gulf casino beaches where the sin of sins thrives: Injustice.

In 1994, the State of Mississippi sentenced Jamie and Gladys Scott to consecutive double-life terms each for two counts of armed robbery they did not commit. They did not have prior criminal records, vigorously maintained their innocence, approximately $11 was said to have been netted, no one was harmed or injured and no weapon was ever recovered. Witnesses testified that they were coerced and threatened to lie on the Scott Sisters and their unbelievable convictions rest entirely on a combination of contradictory, coerced, and potentially perjured testimony by the victims and two other people charged with the crime who were offered lighter sentences for their cooperation.

For me, it is not an issue of guilt or innocence. It is the magnitude of Crime and Punishment, where punishment is so excessive that it can be called OPPRESSION.

Eddie Griffin (BASG) quietly and discretely petitioned government officials in the State of Mississippi to recognize the legitimate grievances in disparities of justice being practiced inside the courtrooms. Mississippi is not the only southern state that still practices Race Justice.

Our words have had little consolation. But there is some comfort to know that Mississippi will cry to Heaven when the oil hit the coast.

And, when they cry to Heaven and utter of many prayers. Then I would hope and pray for Mercy, first for the Scott Sister, and then to the State of Mississippi, and not in the reverse order.

I need no approval or authority or consent of men. This is personal.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: Questions

I've been having discussions lately about humanity, needed anti-violence police to safeguard our communities, the practical applications that have yet to be revealed for community safety, and the needed healing return towards the peace consciousness of the ancient matrilineal cultures.

Utilizing positive-thinking/dreamvision ('I-am-human' affirming) for a loving peaceful world at least once monthly and raising awareness through the 'Am I Not Human' campaign are two efforts, but solid brainstorming is needed on how we can assure community safety and stop the terrorizing on our streets by the police in the force who desecrate their oath to serve and protect (would be very helpful I imagine, if officers who do uphold their oath would speak out against police brutality as well, just as I hope any group placed in a position of power privileged by Western society would speak out against those in their group abusing power, to take down the us/them barriers something serious) and those without power, trying to create power through non-privileged criminality aided no doubt by poverty and stereotype.

War makes more war, and pacification encourages arrogance in the pacified. We know we can't continue with those approaches and see anymore change for the better in the world than they've already failed to influence. If we call for cameras everywhere, we aid big brother's orwellian dream (though I still believe officers should wear cameras that are accessible by community watch and grassroots orgs as a safeguard against police brutality- a suggestion made in the Afrospear sometime ago).
There are always solutions, if there are problems. But it will take dialogue, and interest in finding those solutions for real, coupled with the hardwork of putting them into action. It starts with questions. If we're serious, we'll find the answers.

Golden Maat and the facilitator I spoke with where I live raise points about humanity.
Golden Maat reminded us in her timeline in recent weeks that we've largely forgotten humanity. The facilitator reminded me police are being trained to regard us as non-human.
In turn the actions of their renegades who end up playing the part of the beast, as they approach our community as if it were full of beasts, has us regarding the police as inhuman. It doesn't work, and is imploding on itself.

We've reached a critical place with the recent slaying by police of 7 year old #Aiyana Jones, in her sleep.

SOMETHING has to give.

I applaud Representative John Conyers for his efforts to launch investigation into this murderous style of policing. I applaud those running this petition demanding release of the tape that will disprove the police-coverup of #Aiyana Jones' slaying. If you haven't signed already please stand for humanity by standing for justice and sign.

On behalf of the innocents being slaughtered by those completely misinterpreting the right use of power. I ask:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: Too Graphic for Youtube. Okay for the eyes of Eastern children, regularly.


The video posted below is beyond graphic. I wouldn't recommend viewing it with a child under the age of 13 in room, as even with explanation, the developing minds in that age bracket could experience some degree of trauma. This video is that graphic. It is as real as the horrors, our Eastern siblings have faced, regardless of age.
I am not however, in disagreement with the graphic nature of the imagery in this video. In this case it is actually necessary to the point. It is truly revolutionary, as opposed to the buzz generating pseudo-depth media we've been subjected to far too often.
Some have said this vid was made without a point. I vehemently disagree. This vid was made without it's point needing to be sub-titled, or announced at the end to assist us in 'getting the point'. Instead, it requires us to think.

M.I.A- Born Free

I left the below comment @ InnyVinny's spot (and hit enter without thinking-then when I finally hit submit on-purpose I realized the pre-typo fix version had already posted). The commentary below, is a little less fragmented and shares my impression of the vid, and how it relates to the violation of human rights the West commits in a business-as-usual fashion:

[Semi-Spoilers herein]

"Kristine's assessment is spot on.
I definitely felt it was a commentary on genocide, clothed in a Euro case of racial profiling (The abuse of the Gingers might be reflecting on the abuse of the Irish, who were even labeled 'Black' at one time, believe it or not).

I think it speaks to those who may be desensitized to seeing bodies of color blown up by landmines or mulilated by schrapnel, by providing a likeness that is closer to home for the proclaimed-majority in the West.

It's a beyond clever way to speak to power, and privilege, police-state hivemind, senseless abuse of power/the frenzy-state of the power-drunk against the helpless.

I am amazed.

Folks speak of other vids recently released 'being deep', even with those that were remakes, and etc.

Nothing comes close to what M.I.A's placed before us. This is revolutionary, and I am completely unoffended by the graphic nature of the vid. The graphic nature was entirely needed to make the point.

We're so cushioned in the West, from what many of our siblings in the East suffer in horrific norms. I'm all for removing the 'softening' of media-extended realities, where reporting on human rights is concerned. It's a decade into the new millennium, and we're in at least 2 completely unnecessary wars right now. How many people even know that in this country? And of those who know, how many care?

Something has to wake the collective up..."

For those of you who make/made it through the vid, what's your impression?

On behalf of all my human siblings suffering unimaginable violations of their humanity. I ask:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: The Scott Sisters

How is it possible that even after a signed affidavit by their former accuser, recanting his statement, the Scott Sisters appeals were denied by the Supreme court, and all for a 'robbery' we now know they never committed that amounted to 11 dollars stolen by men allowed to get away on plea deals?

If you're not already familiar with this case which has been dragging on for well over a decade [over 11 dollars they never stole, yes}, the following vid can shed some light.

(note: This vid is a year or so old, but still, unfortunately, relevant)

Were certainly not ignorant of the reluctant-justice in our 'halls of order', having rallied for the release of the Jena 5 who were facing sentences that fell grossly beyond even an imagined scope of proportion, and Troy Davis who even after the recanting of 7 out of 9 accusers who advised officers coerced them into accusing him to begin with was denied justice repeatedly.

But what do we do about it? Outside of thinking high thoughts, and adding our voice to written demands for proportional justice, our only visible choice seems to take action to reform the system itself by utilizing our voices to gain the attention of the commander in chief.

Please utilize the links provided below to do both:

Sign the Petition

I was unable to join the blogging effort on this day
but there are great resources to the Governor and Congressman
that have power to make a change in this case.
Visit here for more intel

Send a letter to President Obama

On behalf of innocents, charged with crimes they didn't commit, or meted out sentences not befitting their crimes, I ask:


Raye of
The enslavement of the poor in American Prisons

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: The roots of Haitian culture versus conversion propaganda

Naomi Extra put together a writing group awhile back that has recently called for stories that raise awareness about Haitian culture. As part of my Am I Not Human campaign offering I'd like to extend more information about the roots of Haitian culture, to help dispel disinformation and encourage dialogue.

I hope you'll submit a story (here )after you view more information via the links and video provided. I plan to update the post with my tale, after it publishes with Lady Nextra, as well. Please share links to yours.


This offering is extended with the hope that we can brainstorm ways that cultural-discrimination, such as that being seen amongst missionaries who claim they will not likely continue to give aid to Haitian Vodou practioners (forced conversion, anyone? How charitable...), can be thwarted utterly. Your ideas for solutions are most welcome in the comments or in your own blog posts that we can visit through the links you extend.


Haiti liberated and Rescued Other Nations

(One of the most underknown forces that impacted the end of slavery when it liberated itself as an independent nation)


Until Haiti spoke, the church was silent, and the pulpit was dumb. Slave-traders lived and slave-traders died." - Excerpts from Frederick Douglass


Wyclef speaks to Haitian culture about the Toussaint Film


Some Familiar Faces in the Haitian Diaspora

Please continue to donate to trusted relief organizations on behalf of Haiti.

From experience I recommend MercyCorps (they update you on where the money is going).
Please share aid organizations you trust in the comments <3>

On behalf of my underrepresented human siblings in Haiti, facing threats against integral aspects of their culture, and threat of destabilization by government interference all while struggling to survive and recover from a beyond-devastating blow. I ask:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: Haiti needs Doctors, The West Sends Soldiers

To date I still haven't wrapped my mind around the devastation the people of Haiti have experienced and seek to heal from. I've made time for the most part daily to send Reiki, prayer, and love over the ethers, hoping it makes even some difference to my human/Haitian siblings struggling to meet the terms of survival in a land impoverished by colonialist agendas and unjust debts, and now the addition of a new highly suspect military occupation it's claimed has arrived to 'help' control lawlessnes and such, when in reality, true help would be medically-related, food-related, etc...

I don't believe in military-occupation. Depopulation-101 tells us historically that most of the 'rebel-based' wars and chaos have been funded by Western interests, no matter who they are able to talk into selling their souls to carry out 'the deeds'. String-pullers are stringpullers.
Our president has even called on historical enemies of Haiti (with serious emphasis on Clinton's past actions) for 'help' (what kind of help, we don't know), which further insults what the survivors of this devastating earthquake --that we're still not sure wasn't influenced by military-drilling/ HAARP 'testing' in the Caribbean-- have in front of them to endure as it is, without the addition of greed/cruelty-influenced interference.

To avoid the crippling kind of anger, I've chosen to look at this as a further opportunity for the world's common-folk to open their eyes to the realities that surround us. If I allow myself to become discouraged, or deeply cynical, my energy will mean nothing in a world that needs folks to shine their lights.
The simple act of refusing to face chaos/hidden chaos-stirring at the hands of government with naive eyes can be the only reason these lessons are appearing on such a large scale.

I won't lecture on the importance of doing something. You already know the importance of action. I will instead hope that you keep your mind open, if it isn't already, to the possibility that very sinister plans are at work to further destabilize Haiti, and keep in mind, voices that refuse to turn a cheek, and know the power of raising awareness (especially when awareness goes viral) can change the world, and in this instance mean the world to the reconstruction and healing of Haiti.

For my human siblings in Haiti struggling to survive, now faced with the concerns a Western military presence poses, while Doctors and aid have had a hard time getting their goodwill to the survivors they wish to extend it to... I ask:

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haitian Granted Temporary Protected Status

It is a great relief that swift action was taken to ensure the safety of Haitians living here in the US. This came after an urgent request made by Hillary Clinton and Napolitano that Haitian immigrants be protected under temporary protected status. A request calling for an end to maritime interdictions was made as well.

We should all take a moment to thank the President, and as well as request the enforcement of a suspension of the interdiction policy endangering Haitians at this crucial time.

Props to Electronic Village for the intel

If you're a Reiki energy-medicine healer sending positive energy to Haiti,
tag your texts with #ReikiForHaiti or #PranaForHaiti, #MeditationForHaiti and so forth. Positive energy makes a difference.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

(Unfortunately delayed) Am I Not Human: Wilt-petaled bloom

The 26th of November was troublesome for me. I'm dedicated to publishing an Am I Not Human? campaign post on the 27th every month. Like clockwork. I resented the power cord for dying and rendering my pc useless until I could replace it. Major companies wanted at least 69.99 for a 'universal' model I wasn't sure would work, and they advised they couldn't test it in advance because they didn't have demo models. In the end I opted for ebay and found one for 10. Mark-ups are funny aye?. This meant at least a week's wait due to the seller's location. The library was closed, and the internet cafe in town folded earlier last year. I was smartphone-less (I've since commenced shopping for one), and I
I had to make myself content with handwriting my offering.
Thankfully Mom came to the rescue and posted a notice about what was going on and that my post would be delayed. Everything happens for a reason. I want to thank all of you who were able to post and raise awareness to the many human rights causes in need of more voices.

My belated offering for December is short. Some months I'll be posting an artistic message (much like the Am I Not Human artivism issue). I encourage artists out there to do the same. It can capture attention and help remind folks how easily freedoms can be taken. We should never get too comfortable and forget our human siblings who had the rugs taken from under them. We are one, despite illusion.

Wilt-Petaled Bloom

To eat from your cupboards and leave nothing
To salt your lands and poison the sea
To twist your view of spirituality
so as to alter your recognition of Divinity

These are not acts come from humanity
but hollow-conscienced seeds of depravity
grown into mind-clouding grains arranged
in ciphered dining options
upon the plates of the unwitting
Blooms not fit for consumption
strewn in salads of the genetically modified,
carefully coiffed tortured beasts and their clones.
Seeds making for themselves a hollow home,
when grown and consumed.
Stealing logic, choking air from the heart.
Making the silblings of the tormented forget,
that they're related, and probably next;
if these wilted petals continue to decorate world display
masquerading as 'premium offering'
so few seem still-willing to renounce, for
all the amnesia that has taken us.

For my siblings in lands looted; deprived of rightful resources ripped from its girth, barred from technology, or unable to speak on their own behalf for the stifling force of puppet-tyrants pulled by hidden strings leading to another power, I ask:

Thankyou for reading.

Friday, January 8, 2010

...Returned from teh land of pc- glitches a.k.a Mirthful 2010

Peace and Mirthful 2010 ^_^

I have to apologize for my inability to post on the 27th. PC- related equipment failure on a day where the library wasn't even open rendered me unable to post what I'd written for the Am I Not Human campaign.
I did handwrite a short piece, because I take this campaign seriously and have vowed to take action on the 27th of every month until we see some real changes made in international and domestic human rights.
I will be posting my handwritten entry from 12/27 shortly, but wanted to post and advise that my equipment came in the mail and all is well-again in digital land. I plan to read your entries soon, and am investing in a G1 phone in several weeks, in an effort to prevent any future interruptions with my ability to post a blog entry *_^

Shine bright