Friday, January 8, 2010

...Returned from teh land of pc- glitches a.k.a Mirthful 2010

Peace and Mirthful 2010 ^_^

I have to apologize for my inability to post on the 27th. PC- related equipment failure on a day where the library wasn't even open rendered me unable to post what I'd written for the Am I Not Human campaign.
I did handwrite a short piece, because I take this campaign seriously and have vowed to take action on the 27th of every month until we see some real changes made in international and domestic human rights.
I will be posting my handwritten entry from 12/27 shortly, but wanted to post and advise that my equipment came in the mail and all is well-again in digital land. I plan to read your entries soon, and am investing in a G1 phone in several weeks, in an effort to prevent any future interruptions with my ability to post a blog entry *_^

Shine bright


Villager said...

Every glitch is an opportunity to improve. I'm glad that you're back online!

peace, Villager

Eddie G. Griffin said...

It has been a long time since I posted a 27th AM I NOT HUMAN article. There has been a shift in priorities.