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From Reed What Matters: Am I Not Human? 10/27 Homeless AntiCamping Ordinances

note: Please take a moment to read this repost from Reed what matters, about Sacramento's Anti-Camping Ordinances, and the people addressing it. Thankyou for raising our awareness Jennifer.

Am I Not Human?: Homelessness & Sacramento’s Anti-Camping Ordinances

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It’s been cold out, real cold. I lay in my bed last night with the chills because my husband was hogging the covers. Don’t I have nerve? I could have turned on the heater, or grabbed another blanket easily! What if I didn’t have the luxury of shelter, a heater, extra blankets like many families who are searching for a place just to rest as the shelters fill up!

In recent news, mentioned Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson spoke publicly about the the city, county and federal government approving funds for Sacramento to “create 269 shelter beds.” That is great, but what is the city going to do about the many families that will still need shelter.

SafeGround Sacramento has a temporary solution and Mayor Kevin Johnson hears their voices. SafeGround Sacramento “called for a moratorium on enforcement of the city’s anti-camping ordinance.” As it stands today our homeless community is awoken when found sleeping on the streets to move or can be sited with a ticket for illegal camping. Imagine that, no place to sleep and you wake up to a ticket you can’t afford all because you have no where else to sleep. SafeGroundSacramento aims to help those who can’t just rest. Johnson hears their voices states he has “said he will have more to say next month about a permanent camping site for the homeless.”

Please reach out to SafeGround Sacramento and learn more about what their mission is by visiting their website (click here). You can see their flight on video by award-winning film maker, Costa Mantis as well by clicking here.

Note: Roots of HumanityOn the 27thof each month a group of bloggers post on the subject of human rights. The Am I Not Human Campaign was designed to help bring awareness to social issues that you can help to work on solving.”

Thank you Roots for Humanity for calling for such an action! We all should take a stand and let our voices be heard!

My friends if you have a topic you like me to take a stand on with you or if you would like to give honorary mention to someone who is making a difference in a future post please comment below or use our contact us form.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Am I Not Human: Taser Justice

The Blogging day on December 4 demanding Taser Justice is timely, and direly needed. The first day of blogging event opened alot of eyes, but there are more minds that need to be aware of the serious lows taser abuses plummet to on what appears to be a regular basis.
The amounts of murders by taser over the past few years and this year alone is astounding. Calls for congressional hearings have been made in the Afrosphere, and we're still waiting. Can we trust officers to stand for justice or is the overwhelming majority of law enforcement intent on killing with unnecessary deadly force? Aren't officers subjected to Mental Health screenings before they're given positions? And if yes, how is it possible so many have taken blood-thirsty action against innocent citizens?

Make sure your demands for justice are heard?
There are a few actions we can currently take. Please visit the information beyond the links to see which you're able to lend energy to:

Sign the petition demanding a congressional investigation into Taser Torture

Join the March for Dignity (to protest the non-punishment decision of Police renegade Stephanie Phillips who murdered Michael Jacobs. A march for 10,000 people is being called and organized.

Join the December 4th Day of Blogging for Taser Justice.

On behalf of the victims of taser torture who cannot ask on their own because they have been murdered, we ask: