Friday, February 27, 2009

Am I Not Human- Free Tibet

Pro-Tibet demonstrations took place outside of the UN during Tibetan New Year recently, marking China's 50th year of occupation in Tibet. The day began with a prayer in the morning for those still suffering in Tibet, for the departed, and in general solidarity. A shrine to the Dalai Llama was also erected surrounded by food, Tibetan flags, and candles.

The group, Karma Namgyal, who greeted one another saying 'Free Tibet', intend to demonstrate throughout the year. They hope the US will become more deeply involved by placing pressure on China to clean up its human rights practices.

It is a relief to see a continued raising of voices unified in the intent to see a liberated Tibet. May those who fell, and experienced torture in the struggle, rest in peace.

On behalf of the suffering, and fallen in Tibet we ask: 'Am I Not Human?'

Learn more about how you can help:

Thankyou to all who participate in the Am I Not Human campaign.


SjP said...

My post for this month's campaign is up. It provides information regarding the Obama Administration's stance on Darfur. It is entitled: Am I Not Human? Eye on Darfur?

Much obliged, SjP

Villager said...

Thank you for your continued commitment to the issue of human rights in Tibet as well as your leadership on this blog.

My contribution to the monthly blogging campaign went up this morning. The focus is on the violence to women in the Congo.

peace, Villager

msladydeborah said...

My post is up. It provides information about human trafficking and the organizations engaged in working to end this practice.

PurpleZoe said...

Thankyou SJP, Villager, and MsLadyDeborah for participating. You're all powerful and inspiring in your activism.

Continue to shine