Sunday, September 27, 2009

Am I Not Human: Finding New Ways To Make A Difference


3 points struck me deeply, and somewhere inside of myself the night I finished watching it, I committed to finding a way to do more to support our human siblings in re-developing countries struggling to survive, through different methods. Lots of ideas passed through my mind. I thought maybe a 'PeacefulPens collective' could somehow connect with folks providing relief in refugee camps so we could put a face to some of the people suffering and write their stories. Not sure if that was the exact idea, I turned the idea around in my mind thinking maybe it should be a 'HappyEndings' children's story collective that would feature children from the refugee camps in Darfur and other areas in the world, with the proceeds going completely to funding [healthy] education and survival needs, but I want to begin something I'm sure I can finish surely and thoroughly, and am unsure I could handle writings hundreds, or thousands of short stories in a small space of time without assistance, as it can be hard (especially during difficult financial times like these) to find folks willing to offer their assistance with no promise of profit. Enough working pens would be necessary and no child refugee's story should be left out of such a venture.

So for now I've decided that I can have a trusted non-profit collect monies accrued from 2 forthcoming fantasy anthologies and have them donated in full to ensure healthy education, and survival needs are supported for survivors living in refugee camps, looking to start their life anew, with security, and hope.

Have you been giving thought to what you can do that might go beyond petition-signing, and days of blogging (both good and powerful things, but for those who can do more the need is certainly there)?

On behalf of all of my human siblings barred from communication, or denied the technology to express what they've been enduring at the hand of greedmongering and unimaginable inhumanity, I ask:
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