Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brown Eyed View: Am I Not Human


Roots of Humanity thanks Ms Lady Deborah of Brown Eyed View for this incredible post focusing on Children's rights and needs. Thankyou for allowing us to repost this on the main blog.
Please also visit Villager who posted a link about Seeking justice for the war crimes in the Gaza conflict and sign the petition.

On the 27th of each month a group of bloggers post on the subject of human rights. The Am I Not Human Campaign was designed to help bring awareness to social issues that you can help to work on solving.

MBEV focuses on human rights issues that involve children. This month I would like to draw your attention to two different children's rights issues.


The International Rescue Committee is working to improve the lives of children and their families. IRC is currently sponsoring a petition to urge President Obama to sign the UN Convention on The Right of the Child.

Can you imagine being 60 feet underground? Working to sift rocks for gold instead of attending school or having the opportunity to play with your friends? In America we have laws that protect children from being exploited. The child featured in the video is 10 years old. There are other children just like her all over the world. Children who need the help and support of the international community to improve their lives.
Please stand up for this child-and others like her.
Sign the IRC petition asking President Obama and the Senate to protect children around the world.Over nearly 20 years, 193 nations have stood up one by one to declare their commitment to protecting children by ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Convention protects children by defining their basic human rights: the right to live free from violence, protected from exploitation, the right to learn and the right to live a healthy life.

The Convention ensures nations support all actions and policies in the best interests of children.

Only 2 countries have yet to show their support by ratifying the Convention—Somalia and the United States.

This cannot continue.Please sign the petition now so that children no longer pay the price for the United States' delay. (link to the petition)

Homeless Children In America
The second issue that I want to bring to your attention today is Homeless Children in America. It is an issue that we cannot ignore. The impact that it has on the lives of our youngest citizens. I work with children who have been homeless. Every day I see what that situation has already done to their psyche. They are often very insecure and very angry with everyone. When I consider that they are only 3, 4 and 5 years old-it hurts me to my heart.

There is an organization that works on the issue of homeless children in America. The National Center to End Family Homelessness. I am asking that you visit their website and take the time to learn what is going on in your home state around the issue of child homelessness. Take the time to consider what you can do to help families secure adequate and permanent shelter.

Homeless children in America have a youthful advocate who is donating her time and talent to help raise awareness and funds for their cause. Check out entertainment sensation Jamia as she talks about why she is working on behalf of homeless children.

You can link here to hear the finished production of Jamia's song, "Take The Time".

Please visit the Am I Not Human? Campaign blog. You can learn about other human rights issues. There is also information available on how you can participate in this effort to inform and advocate on the different Human Rights issues around the world.<

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Justine said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. There's a wealth of insight and information on this blog. Always glad to connect with like-minded people/organizations who strive for rights awareness! Looking forward to read more posts...