Friday, May 9, 2008

Hunger Crisis Comes Home

In continuing our fight of against hunger in the world and at home, we ask for your help and support... Eddie Griffin


Hunger Crisis Comes Home

On Saturday, May 10, there will be a National Food Drive. The National Association of Letter Carriers has taken the initiative to end hunger in the world, beginning in our own backyard.

There are 7 million people in America that need food assistance. Over 20 million people need Food Stamps each month in over to survive; but in 2002, more than 16 % were turned away. Some 35 million people, today, risks falling into a state of hunger.

With Mother's Day on Sunday, May 11, it is time to think to poor struggling mothers who are squeezing their week food budget, trying to feed their children, in the face of rising food prices. Working mothers are doubly hurt by the escalating cost of food and rising gas prices.

With no end in sight of this global crisis, it is time to start feeding those who cannot feed themselves. Millions of children are going hungry everyday without notice. Most receive their only food through local public school breakfast and lunch assistance programs. But what happens when school is out?

Give a Mother's Day struggling mother a little help. When the postman shows up on your doorstep this Saturday and hands you a plastic bag, please fill the bag with food items.

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