Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Am I Not Human?

Instead of doubletalk let's just have a straight answer.
Are the people of re-developing countries human in the eyes of the corporations and governments that benefit from the horrific depopulation of an area, and profits from the sales of weapons used to do it? Is genocide good for corporate profit? Is that why sponsors who claim to seek safe and humane conditions for everyone, turn around and endanger the same people they claim interest in helping, by aiding their oppressors, and attackers? Do these corporations listed below find the stolen lives of children an acceptable reality because profit margins are their bottom line?

We're curious about that.
Because many of us have written to corporate sponsors about the Genocide Olympics but the sponsors seem content to avoid raising any issues about the conditions in Darfur, despite our letters.

And... we're curious about something else. Do these corporations consider Tibetan Nuns to be human, too? Do they share the same human and spiritual rights as say... middle and upper class Americans, or even some Americans living at or below poverty level? I mean... in the recent protest of 76 nuns calling for the return of the Dalai Lama on May 14th, 19 of the nuns went missing, while 54 were arrested.


Feel free to write to any of them and ask them if you're also as curious as we.
These are the names of the corporations supporting the Genocide Olympics.

Atos Origin
DB Schenker
General Electric
Johnson & Johnson

Send them all the same letter if inclined:

Download the May 2008 ebook here:

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