Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Am I Not Human? May 2008 Participants

We are grateful to all bloggers and blog readers that are supporting this ongoing online campaign to bring attention to human rights atrocities taking place on our planet. Please visit the following blogs that participated in the May 2008 campaign:
  1. - (Darfur)
  2. Cry Haiti - (Haiti)
  3. Eddie Griffin, BASG - (Child Soldiers)
  4. Electronic Village - (Haiti)
  5. Opinionated Black Woman - (Darfur)
  6. Sojourner's Place - (Darfur)
  7. UltravioletUnderground - (Darfur)
  8. HeartSongsFromHaiti -(Haiti)

Please let us know if we missed your post!


Susan Westwood said...

I am going to Haiti in August and have joined your campaign. My post is a day late because I only found out about am I not human today!

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Susan ^_^

Thankyou for sharing your voice! We've added it to the post.