Wednesday, December 3, 2008

School Violence Correlation with Prescription Drugs

An online reader writes:

We have an inadequate school system within a culture that is lacking and we medicate ourselves with substances that we really don't even understand. Virtually every school shooting has involved people taking these meds.

Eddie G. Griffin (BASG) investigated the data and found an astounding 2,736 cases of people going berserk while taking or withdrawing from psychotropic prescription drugs. There is a frightening correlation between meds and violence. This now tilts the scales of sanity, which begs to ask: How much of our sanity is influenced by prescribed medication?


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PurpleZoe said...

The medicating of children is an assault on our youth. "Doctors' have been receiving kick-backs for some time, and they are vicious when confronted about it (insistent on prescribing drugs being challenged with class-action lawsuits targeting them no less), from what I have seen and experienced, but standing for your child's right to be free of medication is necessary.
These 'Doctors' (and their staff) do not deserve any say over the health of children, as it is not the health of children they are interested in.

Even Flouride has been found to be a highly dangerous substance tied to behavioral issues in children and the early onset of puberty, but it has been pushed by the ADA and dentists become very ruffled when challenged about it.
98% of Western Europe bans the use of it, and their children's teeth are fine without it.

There's alot we have to challenge on behalf of our youth, that has been deemed acceptable by a questionable few.

Thankyou for posting this. The medicating of children has certainly abused the rights of many parents with scare tactics, outright deceit, and unlawful strongarming. It won't stand.

~~~Shine on~~~*