Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Am I Not Human?

Join The Roots of Humanity on the 27th of every month in asking the unified, persistent question that has the answers collectively needed, within it.
We ask on behalf of our human siblings lacking in access to the most basic of communication tools, or barred from communication by their governments:

Am I Not Human?

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Mujahid said...

yes y not we are human

Sam said...

No doubt they are human but it is not a fault of us. Their government helps them and they provide them good food, better residence, and provide every thing which they need for better livening on this earth.

Sam Martian

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PurpleZoe said...

@ Mujahid

I agree. We are all human, and no human should be treated as less than human.


I sincerely hope your comment isn't a spam comment, and am deciding whether or not to delete it. This site stands for very important issues that should not be taken lightly.
You say 'Their government' helps them.
The peoples we cover are forsaken or attacked by their governments.
Please consider researching the severity of these issues before offering perspective. The Khartoum government certainly does not offer food, better residence or provide anything the Darfuri people need.
Aide groups do that, despite the attempts of the Khartoum government to stop aide from coming through.

And for the record, it is the fault of anyone who sweeps it under the rug. Inaction is a form of passive support.
Even raising awareness by bringing it up at the dinnertable is a form of activism.
Everyone can take even the smallest action to see that Darfuri people, Tibetan people, Burmese people, Haitian people and the list goes on, receive balance in their material and safety needs at least.