Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Am I Not Human: Get Free


Over the years, the Am I Not Human campaign has sought to raise awareness of human rights abuses with a monthly commitment on the 27th to take action (usually through blogging). With the uncertainty of western freedoms and bills like NDAA and SOPA, the writing on the wall is now appearing in neon ink: We have no choice but to stand and Get Free.

Now is the time to gain independence, prepare and support like-souls in off-grid, independent living and merchantry. Information abounds. Acquire as much of it as you can. Even wikipedia can be downloaded (seriously, look up the link on their site).

I've blogged monthly even after the initial Roots Of Humanity group fell away, but I will now be raising awareness on the 27th beyond the blog. Posts may appear here from time to time to update on issues and actions that can be taken, but you can find more information at Ultraviolet Underground on a regular basis. I do not plan to blog every 27th day of each month any longer. It was hoped a good deal of progress could be made with the blogging aspect of the 'Am I Not Human' campaign, but it has been fairly slow to catch on. I thank all of you who read and participate. The goal now is to focus on potential book and zine projects that can raise awareness hopefully with more efficacy. Updates will be posted about the direction the campaign will take in terms of zines or zine columns and events or days of group action.

I hope everyone knows how serious the importance is to get mentally prepared and seek alternative news outlets. "Program" yourself rather than tune into mainstream programs. Your mind is precious. Care for it. Know who your dollars support (google the companies who make your products and see how they treat the workers and the earth - look them up in the green pages or only shop with transparent, ethical, green merchants). You have power. It's in your focus : your choice.

I'll continue to uphold a focus on human rights on the 27th every month in varying forms as an alternative to blogging (art pieces, events, etc). I hope you will too.

On behalf of us all, I ask:

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Am I Not Human: Don't Feed The Monsters

Whether or not the Occupy movement was initially "seeded" to create conditions that would justify the shadow government and its puppet goverment(s) to attempt martial law, it is changing the international conversation to a focus that can produce an evolution of the condition of the 99 percent from perceived powerlessness and apathy to one of solution and autonomic action. It's making it clear to people of all economic positions that feeding corporate monsters is killing the planet and its inhabitants. If we're to improve our condition, we should have indie merchants on speed dial, and establish bartering systems that can sustain us through these times of transition out of the dungeon of the grotesque-mind as we return to humanity.

In essence, we can't feed the monsters if we expect change. They'll change nothing but the positions of the actors (entertainers, politicians, and whoever else picks lint from their pockets) and props in their international puppet show, but the script will remain the same in their hands. Will it be easy to green ourselves and distance ourselves from the flashing lights and hollow-promises issued from our hypno-boxes and spin-papers? It will be psychologically difficult for some more than others, but starting even with the smallest steps creates actual change.

Here are some ways to make the transition easier:

-Get familiar with DIY alternatives
('Making Your Own' supplies and culinary and hygiene staples cuts puppet strings)

Microcosm publishing (among others) can help.

-Support Indie
(Indie artists, Merchants, and Opensource technology abounds. We've had solutions for quite some time now...)


-Share Information

Movements like Occupy the dollar are ingenious and encourage a departure from the hoarding rat race through the return of shared valuables like: education (even in bits).

I plan to update the Indie list with more resources. If you know of some sparkling ones, your suggestions are welcome in the comments.

On behalf of, and as one of, the 99%, I ask:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Am I Not Human: Occupy Your Heart


image: Occupy ATL

Too corny? It shouldn't be. For this month's focus, I'm going to keep the Am I Not Human post short and centered. I'm placing the emphasis on centeredness because, that's what we're all lacking. Even as the masses wriggle, shout, and march, we need to look at what aspects of this beast of a western system that we support and how we can discontinue it.

We all have to eat, but our blood, sweat, and tears (at least for many of us) benefit a system that won't think twice about taking out a village of innocents or installing a fake dictator it controls like a puppet until it doesn't need him anymore. Until we can gather the resolve to develop real bartering systems, communities that are sustainable, and the will to fight a very evil giant with our own steel wills, our protests may well lack the center (power) they need.

What we're missing, is our rootedness. We can ask for and demand justice, but we can also build our own community with the many alternative resources available to us. So long as we provide the fuel and consume its products, this system is unlikely to truly hear anything we have to say. It ignored the masses, the pope, the previous execution staff, and the ex- fbi director of the Reagan administration to kill the obviously innocent Troy Davis (to cover up God knows what). It has entirely too much of our power and energy in its grasp.

On behalf of us all I ask us all:

And if so, will we demand through action as well as word to be treated as such?

Shine bright and march on (with focus).

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Am I Not Human: Peace


MyFellowAmerican.us has launched a campaign to help us remember tolerance in a time of doublespeak where media messages, angles, and outright deception have done alot to skew reality. We're focusing on this campaign this month because the ethnic group of anyone can find itself the target of a hate-focus, especially if they happen to be of lands with natural resources to be had... Eyes and hearts open, we send peace thoughts to our muslim brothers and sisters inside and outside of America. Borders are manmade. We are all humans upon the earth, and most of us are seeking peace.

On behalf of muslims and victims of middle-eastern descent who have been harassed, assaulted, and injured by hate crimes, we ask:

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Am I Not Human: Police Brutality and Community Outrage


What is it going to take for concrete measures against police brutality to be taken? Without staunch regulation that acts as a strong deterrent, we can expect more riots like the one that took place in the UK earlier this month to happen again. Community "powerlessness" will soon become communal fury faced with terrors issued from the hands of those who are charged to serve and protect.

Please take a moment to visit the following links and add any word you may have of movements to push for severe regulations that will discourage the abuse of power in uniform (post links in or outside of the states in the comments so everyone can hopefully find resources). At the very least, we all have the power to spread news of resources and organizations who are dedicated to eradicating police brutality.

5 Ways to fight Police Brutality
Petition Against Police Brutality Targeting Disabled People (US)
Stop Police Brutality of the Samburu (Kenya)
Coalition Against Police Brutality (Asia)
Petition Against Police Brutality in Delhi (India)
Petition Against Student-targeted Police Brutality (US)
Petition Against Police Intimidation and Brutality (US)
Global petition against Rastafarian-targeted Police Brutality (US)
Petition Against Black-targeted Police Brutality (US)
Petition against Latino-targeted Police Brutality (US)
Petition Against Racism And Police Brutality (Greece)
Stop police brutality of Namibidian Youth (Namibidia)
An earlier broadcast from RadioProject (US)
Resist Police Brutality (US)
Contemporary Police Misconduct (US)

This is a global problem:


South Asia
South Korea
East Africa
South Africa

Let's put our heads and voices together and find a solution.
On behalf of all innocents who deserve to be served and protected without threat or power-abusive beatings, electrocution (tasers), and murder, we ask:

Monday, August 15, 2011

Please Excuse The Absence of July's Post


I apologize for the absence of July's 'Am I Not Human' post. Things have been challenging on this end after a big move and a robbery (we weren't home and are okay). I have every intention to post a bright light for the August 27th campaign.

Unnecessary setbacks be damned. We persevere.

Blissings 'pon your lights.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Am I Not Human: Evidence Of Good


For this month's installment of the Am I Not Human campaign, we're taking a look at the good news we're rarely shown. Our flames need the recharge that comes with seeing the triumphs as well as the violations we need to take a stand to correct as a collective.

As difficult as it might seem to find, there are victories happening in human rights.
Feel free to share your heartlight-igniting findings in the comments.

Evidence Of Good:


Impassioned Human Rights advocate, Ai Wei Wei, is finally free after being detained since April 3rd (with literally no word from the government about his abduction until recently - his wife and friends were also held for a time for "questioning"). Ai Wei Wei is no stranger to the stifled-voice-by-government approach issued from those disturbed by his candor. He's been detained before and beaten (to the point of hospitalization) for speaking his heart against injustices.

Despite efforts to remove demands for his freedom from websites and placing pressure on campaigners to avoid using his name directly, the international pressure grew quite substantial and weighed heavily over the heads of his captors. Ai Wei Wei is considered a hero in Human Rights. it's very good to see him released from the censorship machine.

More intel is available at SMH: http://www.smh.com.au/world/chinese-artist-ai-weiwei-released-on-bail-20110623-1gg84.htm


President Juan Manuel Santos signed the Victims and Land Restoration law into on the 10th of this month
, with the aim of seeing stolen land returned to internally displaced peoples in Columbia. The Law includes financial compensation (reparations), and intended protection from armed bands that have expressed opposition to the legislation.

For over 20 years, more nearly 4 million Columbians have been forced into a displaced position and abused for seeking to having their 16 million acres of land returned. Leaders have also been subject to multiple assassinations for taking a stand in favor of restitution.

While implementing the legislation will be a challenge, to say the least, its existence is a beacon of hope for a disenfranchised people.

Read more at HRW: http://www.hrw.org/en/news/2011/06/10/columbia-victims-law-historic-opportunity

Uplifting news for negatively-saturated times.
Keep your heads up.
It ain't over 'til it's over.

On behalf of all our global siblings impacted by violations against humanity, we ask:

The answer is yes.